Does Full Coverage Car Insurance Include Rental Reimbursement?

Question: When you buy a full coverage auto insurance do Rental Reimbursement Coverage come with it as well? Or you need to ask for it to be included?

Answer: Some policies do include Rental Reimbursement Cover as standard. But for cost reasons many companies leave this to choice. The more coverage auto insurers add to a policy package the higher the premiums get.

This is a mistake many people do. That may be because they suddenly need a rental car and not think it through. They believe that their insurer should cover the costs since their automobile is in the body shop and not usable. Rental Reimbursement is a separate cover and additional premium charged for it. Unless it is added and premium paid you will not receive any compensation for any cars you rented.

This coverage is usually around $50 extra and pays for around $30 per day and for about 30 days. This is another reason people may end up paying more out of the pocket. This coverage may not be enough for the cars rented. Either it costs more daily or required longer than the period allowed.

Policies, insurers and policyholders are all different. Buying auto insurance coverage is like match making. You match the best policy and insurance company for your circumstances. What you want to be insured for can be totally different from what your brother wants and prepared to pay for. The best advice would be to write down what you want your minimum coverage be and try to at least buy those. If you can buy more within your budget it is a bonus.

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