How Does Really Cheap Auto Insurance Sound?

There are times vehicle owners may need a very cheap car insurance policy. One of the reasons could be because you just want to comply with the minimum requirements to be able to drive your new automobile. So, let’s have a look at really cheap car insurance.

Definition of Super Cheap Car Insurance

This is not something that is easy to define. So, it is best to define it within context. Say you get 5 auto insurance quotes online. One of these is super expensive and you naturally dump that insurer as soon as you see the quote. 3 of them are little higher or lower from each other but end up around the same ballpark figure.

And the very cheap auto insurance quote is the one that is way off lower than the rest. Considering you dumped the way off expensive without hesitation shouldn’t you dump this one as well?

Not so fast for many reasons. First of all, since when overachieving is a fault. However, you would want to know as much as you can about this super cheap auto insurance in front of you. Is the coverage meet your needs? Is the vehicle insurer reliable and one you know?

Really cheap car insurance is the one at the bottom of the barrel. If you want to find it you need to get a number of automobile insurance quotes and see which one is the lowest.

Can Very Cheap Car Insurance Be What You Need?

It is normal that most people wouldn’t just disregard a very cheap auto insurance quote. They can serve your needs in the following circumstances.

  1. You can hardly even afford super cheap car insurance and therefore you are not much choosy. Considering around 15% of drivers are uninsured in the USA it is not hard to see the need for really cheap auto insurance.
  2. Your main concern is to comply with the minimum auto insurance requirements set by your state. You are not looking to buy any coverage for your own automobile and therefore unlikely to make a claim for damages to it.
  3. You believe that you are a very good driver who hasn’t had a claim for years. So, you are confident you aren’t going to make any claim but want to buy auto insurance just in case. Besides, you think you are paying too high premium currently even though you have such a good record.
    Finding very cheap car insurance can be a better option than dropping coverage to fit the premium to your budget, especially when you have a long no claim history. 
  4. You looked at the very cheap auto insurance coverage offered and you don’t see any problem with it and you can comply with its conditions.
  5. You are also happy with the insurer’s reputation and you cannot see any problem with the quote.

Really Cheap Auto Insurance vs. Cheaper Car Insurance

Our definition of cheap auto insurance refers to an uncompromised coverage provided by a reliable but cheaper insurer. In other words, you get as good a cover as you would with any other company that offered you a quote. And you choose the cheaper one out of many quotes. You are confident in the insurer and coverage provided and there is no doubt that your claims will be paid as usual if you ever make one.

A super cheap auto insurance quote arouses suspicion right off the bat. Your first thought is that it is too good to be true and perhaps it is since there may be conditions attached to the cover. Furthermore, you have very vague idea who the company is. You are not sure about the agent either.

Maybe you come across a great vehicle insurance quote and you cannot see any problem with it. Maybe you have a hell of a find in your hand since the only thing that is less is the price. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that you should be overly concerned with it but you should make sure that you are not missing anything.

Probably, you would be more comfortable if the quote comes from one of the top insurers in your zip code. You would be happier if you discover that the coverage offered is good enough and you could comply with the conditions. So, you should check these carefully first.

Here are some examples as to why you may be fine with your really cheap auto insurance;

  1. The quote may be very low because of higher car insurance deductibles. As long as you are happy with the level of deductibles there is no problem.
  2. Another reason may be that only the listed drivers are insured and there is no coverage for any other occasional driver. Again, if you have no intention of letting anyone else driver your car there shouldn’t be a problem either.
    This condition is likely to be included in sports car insurance. An insurer can only offer you a reasonable quote for a sports car if they know that you are a good driver and they can eliminate other unknown drivers.
  3. The company may be primarily operating online and there aren’t high street agents they work with. If you are comfortable with minimal or no high street presence and dealing with your account online there is no reason why you should pay more. Many companies and policyholders are very happy with communicating online with each other these days.

Who can say you cannot get a very cheap car insurance and have it all. You cannot drop a quote just because it is much cheaper than the rest. There has got to be something wrong with it to do that. If you carried out due diligence by checking all the fine details and asking all the right questions you probably found yourself a real deal and a bargain.

Can a Really Cheap Car Insurance Quote Be Scam?

When a quote is much lower than the rest first thing that comes to mind is that it may be a scam. There have been few cases where people were sold fake insurance. Authorities and enforcement agencies are much better equipped to crack down on such scams since then. It is not easy to run a fake insurance company in America but one or two rouge agents can set up shops for quick heist. So, it is always best to be on your guard.

Busting Myths about Scamming

  1. It is important to stress here that anyone can fall victim to scammers regardless of the cost of their insurance. It is total nonsense to think that only very cheap policies would be scam.
  2. Also, you are statistically more likely to be scammed in a face-to-face transaction than online.

How to Avoid Insurance Scams

Ultimately, you need to make sure that you buy a policy from a reliable source and the security behind it is solid. Here are a few auto insurance tips to help you.

  1. The Internet works with links and you are likely to be redirected to other sites when you are getting auto insurance quotes online. For example, our website would redirect you to the official website of the auto insurance company you choose so that you can buy your policy directly. However, you should make sure that you are landed in the right page or site and haven’t been diverted to somewhere else along the way.
  2. You should make sure that you are buying the policy from a licensed company or agent. It is alright to get quotes but you should check a few more things when it comes to paying for a policy. Check that the website clearly advertises their insurance license number. Also, check to see that you can confirm their address and other contact details.
  3. Make sure you can download or get your policies and insurance card in a timely manner. If there are delays you should follow it up.
  4. Never pay cash or with money order for your policy.
  5. Watch out for over-eagerness, pushiness, things that don’t make sense. If you are getting quotes online make sure you are on an official website when you need to enter sensitive information like your social security number. Just walk out when you feel something is not right. Always keep your guard up with common sense.
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