What This Website Is About?

This is an auto insurance quotes and information site that offers comparison shopping opportunities and bank of resourceful articles. If you are looking for a quick solution you are probably in the right place. Look for answers through categories of content or using search facilities. If you just want to get several quotes fast you won’t miss our quote box that will take you to current offers as soon as you enter your zip code and click get quotes.

What We Aim to Achieve

If you have been searching for auto insurance help and quotes recently you probably have noticed there is a need for a comprehensive website. Some of the sites are not really interested in helping motorists. All they want you to do is get quotes and buy a policy. Even large car insurers are not providing much detail about how their policies work. Of course, they provide you with a policy document after the purchase.

However, it is not easy to find what you want on those documents and not easy to understand them. There is a need for simple explanations in plain English. People are now so used to finding what they need very quickly that they get bored easily when they are not going anywhere with their searches. Honestly, how many people sit down and read their policy documents?

CheapAutoInsurance.net aims to fill this gap as much as possible. We try to create a website that will answer your vehicle insurance questions and allow you to get quotations in a record time. It is probably too ambitious to say that we want to be a one stop shop for motorists looking to insure their automobiles. There will always be an inquiry that requires detail looking at the circumstances of the policyholder and working out the best solution. We believe that this could only be achieved by talking to an independent broker.

Who Is Behind the Project?

When there are hundreds of articles that are researched and written by various people it is difficult to credit the work to a handful of people. We are thankful for contributions and research work carried out by our writers. And we are happy to receive insightful articles from brokers, agents and people in the industry. Let’s make this a great collective work.

What Can You Get Out of This Website?

There is a high chance you came to our site after seeing one of our helpful articles published in various blogs, magazines and papers. Wherever we can we like to contribute to other publications and share our views with other webmasters. Once you are on our website you can carry on reading the piece you came to, search for answers or get quotes from our panel of insurers.

The site is designed in a way to avoid any confusion. Our easy layout will let you get what you need pretty quickly and send you off your way. We know that people don’t like to spend hours searching for the information they need and go through several websites to get a few quotes. However, we are happy to link you to the original source of the information or the quote whenever it is more practical.

What This Website Isn’t?

We are not an insurance company, broker or agent. We are a group of independent webmasters who are happy to share their experience and knowledge. We are not licensed to give any insurance and financial advice. We hardly know our visitors and their background to offer them tailored advice. We would always suggest that motorists should seek independent advice from a broker or financial advisor. That is what they are for and sites like this can only offer you general guidance, help and encouragement to find the best coverage.

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