Organizations / Associations that Offer Auto Insurance Savings

If you are looking for new ways of savings to ensure you get the lowest car insurance premiums you should check the following organizations and affinity groups that offer special discounts. We recommend that you compare offline quotes against our automated tool. Even though you may qualify for a 5% rate cut from an association it may not mean you are getting the best final price. 

Affinity Discounts

These are provided through a special partnership or relationship with a carrier. Were you ever part of a sorority or fraternity in college? Many companies provide them to Alpha through Omega sororities and fraternities like Geico’s list found here. Also you should check Honor Societies from colleges as well. Often, these are around 5 – 10% signup bonuses. In either case 5% may not be enough to go with a particular auto insurer. Always keep this in mind and get your quotes first.

Other professions often have large industry associations including engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers and other professionals. Sometimes they are for the profession as a whole and yet it is only offered through a connection with an industry association and can be up to 15%. Quite a few people are already members but didn’t have the time to check many benefits they can claim through them.

Business Partnership Discounts

Some carriers develop partnerships with many companies that result in better rates for the employees. Your employer may have pre-negotiated a deal with a major provider for you. They are either developed under a group buying plan by the business for their employees or through a mutually beneficial ties. Allstate, State Farm and Geico are just a few of the names that have these business partnership savings in place. They can range between 5 to 15%.

Club Memberships

If you belong to an auto club like AAA, Costco and even Credit Unions usually have discounts for auto insurance if you are a member. AAA gives 10% off, but you may have to buy through them. They may have other arrangements with hotels, restaurants and travel firms. If you are into these coupons and like to know their recommendations you can buy the guides published independently.

Paid memberships often have various benefits. Take for example the Audi Club of North America that offers direct deals with Liberty Mutual. Others with a similar arrangements include:

BMW, Porsche, Sports Car Club of America. Corvair Society of America

They are not the only ones with such perks. Here are a few more of them:

As you can see, vehicle insurance savings can be available from many sources. These are typically around 5% but can be as high as 15%. If you already have links with similar groups you should ask them about the perks.

Always keep in mind that there are many great carriers who have a very simple motto; apply the best rates available to everyone who deserves them. So, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you must grab these little deal sweeteners. They may still be the lowest rates you can get. You should definitely confirm it by getting several quotes from different sources and compare them for the final figure, coverage and quality of service.

We can help you here with the quotations or with the selection of some of the best automobile insurers in the country. No matter what is your circumstances or troubles we have carriers that can solve them for you. Have a search through, read a few posts and check a few of them. Give them a chance and see if they can be of any assistance.

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