Organizations / Associations that Offer Auto Insurance Savings

If you are looking to maximize discounts to ensure you get the lowest car insurance premiums be sure to consult the following organizations, associations and affinity groups that offer special discounts. When making your decision on which insurer to choose, make sure to compare any offline quotes or quotes from individual insurers against’s automated comparison quote tool. Even though you may qualify for a 5% discount from an organization it may not mean you are getting the best final price. 

Affinity Discounts

Were you ever part of a sorority or fraternity in college? Affinity discounts are discounts that are provided through a special partnership or relationship with an auto insurer. Many insurers offer affinity discounts to Alpha through Omega sororities and fraternities like Geico’s list found here. Also associated with fraternities and sororities are Honor Societies from colleges as well. Most often the discounts from these organizations are 5% or a standard signup bonus discount. In either case 5% may not be enough discount to go with a particular auto insurer. Always keep this in mind and get your quotes first.

Other professions often have large industry associations that are also offered Affinity discounts by insurers including engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers and other professionals. Sometimes these discounts are offered to the profession as a whole yet often it is only offered through a connection with an industry association and can be up to 15%.

Business Partnership Discounts

Yet these are not the only organizations that benefit from these types of discount programs, as insurers themselves develop partnerships with many companies that are also offered an Affinity program and discount. Your employer may have pre-negotiated an auto discount with a major insurer for you. These partnerships are either developed under a group buying plan by the business wanting insurance discounts for their employees or through a mutually beneficial relationship. Allstate, State Farm and Geico are just a few of the companies that have these business partnership discounts in place. These discounts can range between 5 to 15%.

Club Memberships

If you belong to an auto club like AAA, Costco and even Credit Unions usually have discounts for auto insurance if you are a member. AAA offers 10% off, but you may have to buy through them.

Club memberships that you pay a membership to be a part of often have benefits for its members. Take for example the Audi Club of North America that offers its members direct discounts with Liberty Mutual. Many auto clubs because of their association with cars have a similar benefit. These include:

Yet car clubs are not the only clubs offering these benefits. Here are a few more clubs that offer savings:

As you can see, discounts for auto insurance can be offered from almost any organization, association, club or business in order to benefit their members or employees. These discounts are typically around 5% but can be as high as 15%, ask your organization if they have a discount.

Lastly, when you want to compare these discounts, remember to use our comparison tool for fast and effective quotes provided by some of the best insurers in the country.

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