The Best Tips by Experts for Affordable Auto Insurance

If you are looking for tips on how to get the best affordable car insurance, it only makes sense to turn to the experts. This article will explore wide-ranging sources that help uncover the most valuable advices by experts on the subject. From academics to journalists to industry professionals these recommendations were curated from the top performing articles on the Internet.

  1. Rate Check Every 2-3 Years

Simply one of the best sources for consumers for advice is from This organization is committed to consumers only. Insurers change pricing every six to 12 months, regularly check them to get the lowest vehicle insurance rates. Otherwise, there is a high chance you will be kept in an old and expensive price plan for a long time while they offer cheaper quotes to new applicants all along.

  1. Shop Around for Competitive Auto Insurance Companies

Time’s Money column also has some great recommendations. Not only rate check every 2-3 years, but you should research at least 8 to 10 different carriers to get the absolute lowest premium. Save at least $388 a year by switching. You can get quotes to compare right here on our platform.

  1. Educate Yourself

According to Yahoo! News one of the most effective ways for new drivers to get better prices is simply to learn about coverages, deductibles, claim processes and more. By understanding the terms in policies you can better choose which one suits the best. Quite a few motorists can arrange the best cheap coverage almost as good as a broker can thanks to the Internet resources and quotes. This doesn’t mean that you cannot contact a broker to extend comparison shopping.

  1. Bundling, Its all the Rage

From phone packages to loans, if you bundle services together under one company you can save lots of money according to TimeMoney. Policyholders can bundle all different policies their families own or they can bundle home and auto under the insurance companies with lowest prices in their state. The savings would range from ten to twenty percent depending on various factors including the number of policies bundled.

  1. Go With Quality

ConsumerReports suggest that not always will the cheapest price, actually be the cheapest. Often an introductory rate from a lowball budget automobile insurer may hide significant hidden fees or a higher claim rejection rate costing you potentially thousands in the long run. You should always look at the final figure you have to pay rather than the initial quote given to you. They are known to add fees for monthly payments or brokers can add fees. You can also check if your choice is on of the top 10 auto insurance companies for customer claim satisfaction.

  1. Raise Deductibles

Another great source is the III with tons of articles. It suggests getting a policy with a higher deductible; instead of a $300 deductible consider $500 or $1,000 in order to save 15 to 40%. It is best to get a quote with standard deductibles and ask to see how the premium will be affected when they are increased. Generally, you will be able to save money but not always.

  1. Have Big Brother Installed

Many companies offer telemetric device installation on vehicles, states TimeMoney, giving them a direct reference to driving habits. Good behavior can equal discounts up to 30%. Find out how pay-as-you-drive with telematics devices work. These policies can be extremely helpful for teen drivers or following an accident related vehicle insurance premium increase. Many providers offer discounts for just participating in these plans since they are known to make drivers more aware of their driving habits and improve on them.

  1. Buy the Right Car

The III urges that you take car buying procedures and add in one more step. Consider whether the vehicle you like will enable you to get safety discounts and avoid the top stolen cars statewide and nationally. This will work as double-edged savings. You may not be aware of it but vehicles can affect costs substantially. The riskier the car the higher the premium will be. For example, you will have to pay thousands of dollars when you buy an automobile with high risk ratings and want to include a teenage driver.

  1. Ask for a Discount, Then Ask Again

According to ConsumerReports taking advantage of all the discounts available is a matter of knowing they exist and asking every single car insurer you contact about them. Discounts are often offered for affinity programs, good credit and grades, anti-theft devices, car safety features and more. You can find full list of discounts and how to save more here. You will see that you can qualify for many of them even though you have a bad driving record or a recent claim.

  1. Shop Again for a Teen Driver

There are only two options to manage teen premiums; either by prohibiting them from driving or by shamelessly promoting them as much as possible. Show potential carriers just how good their grades are for savings according to TimeMoney. You can read further on how to get the lowest insurance rates for teenage drivers.

  1. Measure Mileage

Do you live in an urban area with convenient mass transit options? Can you ride a bicycle to work or even walk? If you can cut your mileage by 3,000 miles a year, you could receive a monthly $50 discount, ensures the III. You can check out low mileage automobile insurance and see if you qualify or can manage to qualify for.

  1. Reduce or Avoid Claims

Filing a claim after an accident on average raises premiums by 41%. If you can manage the payments out of pocket for minor accidents including minor injuries or property damage, it would be in your best interest says ConsumerReports.

These four organizations conduct considerable research into finding affordable coverage and what can increase chances to cut costs. Follow these advices and get new quotes through our platform today.