Best Auto Insurance Companies for Good Drivers

A good driver can be defined as someone with no traffic violation ticket or claim at least for the last three years, which is the most influential or cut off period for checking records. One striking point is that they are the most profitable category even though they pay pretty low premiums because they are trouble free and hardly cost money.

Therefore, they fall in the most preferred risk group and can pick out of the best car insurance companies as the competition is fierce in this segment of the market. Perhaps another characteristic of this category is that they usually don’t switch often. Once they find a cheap carrier, they pay pretty low premiums that it may not pay to shop around.

Perhaps, good drivers would benefit from searching for the lowest quotes online once they have established clean records. The reason for this is that people may have to put up with expensive costs and lousy service when they have a recent at fault accident. After about three years later it stops affecting rates and this would be the time to look for the most competitive vehicle insurers that would give the highest discounts. 

There may be special offers from time to time that allow drivers to speed up this process. For example, some companies can offer as much as twenty percent even after just one year if the applicant is experienced and has other qualities like a high credit score.

You can get the lowest rates with established and clean history for five years. After that period you wouldn’t normally see noticeable difference in premium either way unless something changes. The size of the discount varies and can be between thirty to fifty percent.

Why Insurers Offer the Cheapest Prices for Good Drivers

As explained above, you need to avoid accidents and tickets if you want to get the best automobile insurance policy packages at great rates. Prices are mainly based on the statistical evidence that shows the chance of claims. When you clearly demonstrate ability to go years without any incident you prove the case for being very low risk.

Almost all of them are happy to offer competitive packages to attract them. State Farm, GEICO, Allstate, Farmers and Progressive are only some of the names to list. Once you are considered a preferred risk driver you don’t need to break your back to get decent quotes. Nonetheless, don’t make the mistake of picking an expensive one and even worse staying with it for years. That would be such a waste of great qualifications.

Value of long clean records becomes even clearer when we look at new drivers with no history or the ones with recent at fault accidents. They either have no statistically significant information about or negative history. They are more likely to cause depletion of funds by making large claims.

Therefore they should be contributing more into the pool by paying higher premiums. In contrast, careful people should be paying less for coverage. That is what happens in most cases but there is one way of making sure.

Shopping for the Best Value Auto Insurance for Safe Drivers

Policyholders keep getting discounts until they complete five trouble free years. Then onwards, they notice very little fluctuation. If you see a different pattern or your vehicle insurance went up for no reason it may be time to shop around.

Clean record is still considered to be the most valuable characteristic by most. However, lately some policyholders have been reporting unexpected rises in their renewals. This could be because of deteriorating credit score or changes in the way current underwriters calculate premiums.

It may be understandable when a new car insurer you applied offers you high quotes due to factors not related to driving history. However, it is unfair when the current one suddenly carries out a credit check on you and decide to raise rates as much as 20%. If you have no claim and been paying premiums without delay there is no ground for them to even check your credit score.

Policyholders should not bite their tongues and accept price hikes. Many others would welcome and pester you with discounts. They should force their way to get the cheapest automobile insurance they deserve. They are quietly and safely getting on their ways and not bothering anyone. So, they deserve the best rates and not someone who proves to have plenty money and good at managing it.

However, people should know that they must search for it to find the lowest prices because they change substantially from one to another. Shopping around effectively can be more rewarding than years of hard work to stay out of trouble. Just trusting that they will do right by you is a bit naive. Even worst part of is that they love to play a trick on you by offering a measly 5% loyalty discount, which turns into a signing on bonus for a new customer.