Am I a Homeowner if My Spouse Own our Home?

Does your name have to be on the title to be considered as homeowner? What if one of the spouses alone owns the home they live in? Can the other still claim homeowner and other related discounts when buying car insurance?

Naturally yes. Most companies see married couples as one. For example, they may allow you to cover two separately owned cars jointly under a multi-car policy if that is what you prefer and the state allows. And they would be happy to offer homeowners auto insurance discount to you because your spouse own the home you live, if you don’t have a joint arrangement already. You can also benefit from discounts offered because you insure a house and auto with the same one. If you are keeping two separate ones you can get same cheap rates on your own one.

Also, most of them would extend possible multi-policy savings to children who are living with parents. For example, they may be enjoying good rates because they cover their cars together and they have home and automobiles with the same company. When the children (residing together) buy their own cars and require coverage, parents’ current carrier would in most cases be happy to extend some of the savings to children as well.

So, yes, you should always mention association with parents, professional association or roadside breakdown services if you believe you will get better prices for it. Sometimes they look for ways to help good drivers.

They know that risks are low if you have clean driving and claim history. They want the business and they would look to bring the premium down especially when you have a lower quote from a competitor. Price is one of their most valuable weapon.

Actually, there is a good lesson to take out here. Most people aren’t aware or don’t try hard to get the best prices possible. They think that they will get the best rates automatically when they fill out proposal forms. This isn’t always the case. Going through all the questions on the forms and filling them out honestly and accurately helps. But you still need to know you can qualify for and sometimes ask to get it.

For example, in the above case, a person would probably go with the literal meaning of the words when answering such questions relating to current residential status. However, the true meaning of it is different and more importantly more beneficial to such applicant. Why give it up easily if there is a chance you can enjoy lower quotes?