What Is Suitable Footwear while Driving an Automobile?

Surprisingly there are no rules and regulations as to what you must or mustn’t wear while driving. You can legally have a high heel, flip-flop or nothing. And people often go with whatever they fancy including barefoot. However, the clear dangers cannot be ignored with some choices. People must consider possible scenarios before putting them on. Some do keep sensible shoes in cars, just in case they get caught with an inappropriate party fit or something. This is actually pretty smart and not a difficult solution.

Even though there may not be a law against what you can put on while behind the steering wheel of a car you may still get penalized because of your choice heavily. If the cause of an accident deemed to be inappropriate footwear you can be charged with dangerous driving. Furthermore, you can be blamed for what is on your feet by third parties to divert the fault.

When you are found to be the responsible party that caused the collision you will be paying high car insurance rates at least for the next three years. So, you may face financial consequences and loss of licence points when you insist on flip-flops.

Here are some of the dangers associated with the selection of shoes. These are not rules or regulations and some people would not agree with them.

Barefoot Driving: It is pointed out that you cannot apply as much pressure as you could with good shoes when you are barefooted. This will reduce the effectiveness of braking and it may make you lose all-important few seconds of stopping time. Also, they will sweat and become slippery when you brake or step on the pedals. You are likely to be affected by the heat and dangerous materials around like glass. In hot places you may end up burning them or cause an accident as a result.

Some people believe that they are more sure with nothing on as they know exactly which pedal they are stepping on. Few people confirm that they are always barefoot and they cannot think it otherwise. You may not be able to walk into a restaurant like that but it is all right to drive if you prefer so as long as you are aware of the shortcomings.

Flip-flops: Wearing wrong shoes can be more dangerous than having nothing. Flip-flops offer no heel support. They tend to slip off and get snug under the pedals that lead to uncontrolled speeding or failure to stop. They can be major distraction when trying to slip it back on.

According to a survey carried out in Australia sixty percent of participants confirmed wearing either flip-flops or stiletto heels. Nearly forty percent confirmed that they had an accident because of a shoe coming off while cruising. This would go down as at fault crash and you would be made to pay for it by insurers.

High Heels: They can lift up the heel that makes you lose support to apply the required pressure on the pedals. Furthermore, you cannot judge the amount of pressure you are applying. They can make you twist an ankle and make it keep slipping off the ground.

A British insurer found that eighty percent of female drivers had inappropriate footwear, which were flip-flops, high heels and bare. Ten percent of the respondents confirmed that they either had an accident or near miss due to it.

Extra Wide Shoes or Wedges: These can make it harder to gauge pressure applied to pedals. Also, they can get wedged under the pedals that can distract pretty easily. There is only little space there to manoeuvre.

Probably many people nearly had or really had an incident because of the choice. Once I had very comfortable shoes. I don’t know what sort of rubber their sole had but they were sticking like a glue to the clutches when wet that I could not move it from accelerator to brake. So, it is important what you wear while driving a vehicle.

It may be a good idea to keep a comfortable pair in there and just change each time. Then, you don’t need to be self-conscious and put on whatever you like, especially if you are going out. Also, these things become even more important when you are are over certain age since you reflexes aren’t as good already that you cannot afford to lose a few more seconds.

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