Are Dashboard Cameras a Good Idea for Defending Against Claims

Technology entered in every part of our lives lately. Also, people love to take pictures and videos of every event. Dashboard cameras are another innovation that is widely used to collect evidence just in case, deter false claims against you or prove someone else was at fault.

They say that one picture is worth thousand words. So, videos would be very reliable witnesses. Besides, other people have them as well that it may be easier to settle claims now by watching them. No matter who is responsible, getting to the bottom of it quickly would mean that repairs can take place faster and auto insurance companies spend less money on administration, negotiation and arbitration.

Bikers love them too and they have one attached to their helmets. They probably need that extra protection and document any injury claims. The more people use that the safer the roads may get because people accept that they cannot get away with anything these days and the best is to correct their habits.

Furthermore, they may deter vandalism and auto theft because people usually have no idea what they record and where it is kept. Some cameras can now save the content on the cloud that smashing it wouldn’t remove evidence. Even it is fake and doing nothing it may be enough for people to leave yours alone and move to others.

These days, manufacturers moving towards digital security features like satellite-tracking devices. One of the reasons is that they are getting cheaper as the technology advances. Many cars are now locking themselves automatically when it is left idol for a few minutes or they are locking the doors shortly after you start to reduce accidents and defend against unexpected intruders at the stops and so on. Hopefully, these measures will result in lower vehicle insurance premiums.

So, because most others have it many people may start feeling that they should get it as well. We are like spying on each other and hardly have any privacy left. This is one of the main concerns. People may say that you have nothing to worry about if you are doing nothing wrong but why should you be filmed if you are doing nothing wrong either.

In any case, whatever you do make sure that you don’t annoy anyone by sticking a recording device to their eyes after an accident or so. They may lash at you and give you a real scene to records. Respect others privacy and consider that you may actually be the one in the wrong. Or you can cross the line and get a reaction you wouldn’t like.

If you want to use any recording as evidence you should always keep in mind that they may actually prove you wrong. People have a tendency to see what they want to see and this can create a problem. When others carefully look at things they may see it from a different angle and find something incriminating you. So, always consider this possibility to and try to solve any fender benders amicable first if you can rather than threatening people with videos and other materials.

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