Are Dashboard Cameras a Good Idea for Defending Against Claims

Question: I have seen this little camera that is recording everything when the car is turned on. I am planning to get one. Wouldn’t it be great if I can show the video of the accident that I was not at fault but the other side is trying to offload the responsibility onto me? Is it a good idea? It is up to me to use it or not, right?

Answer: It seems like a good idea but I watch many of these CSI type of series and they always find something that is not seen at first. You may like what you see on the video but other people may find something in it to use against it. By the way, they are very common in some countries like Korea. It sits there recording happily. I don’t think it could harm. However, we are becoming a surveillance state that disturbs me. You cannot walk down the street couple of blocks without being filmed by cameras. Those cameras recording 24/7 whether you like it or not but if you hold a camera to someone’s face they would definitely yell at you at least. It may be that it is up to you to use the camera recordings or not.

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