Are Defensive Driving Courses Worth the Time & Money?

If you are not having much luck lately, getting into too many sticky situations and have a few points on license already you should probably consider defensive driving courses, which can teach you a few things and save money on auto insurance. They aren’t that expensive or time consuming that it is fair to say you have nothing to lose in this case.

Let’s take a look at an example from the perspective of someone who took it to see what is included in the program, how much it is and what are the effects. It was actually my own experience.

“About fifteen years ago, I rear-ended a car. The roads were slippery and my break did not work as efficiently as I expected and touched the car in front. I was given the option of taking a defensive driving course or be charged with recklessness. It was same price as the fine at $100. Besides, I would not have points on my license. So, it was an easy decision for me. It was about 8 hours with about 1 hour of behind the steering wheel practice on the road. Mostly, we watched videos and talked about possible dangers ahead and what should you be watching for. It was eye opening to see how many idiots like me were on the roads. From then onward, I have been much careful and “touch wood” had not had any accident or traffic tickets. It was well worth it from my point of view.”

Again in the above case, the rewards were immediate, as the points were not issued. In fact, some states offer to drop some points off licenses if you complete an authorized defensive driving course. Also, many vehicle insurance companies offer discounts with the certificate. The savings are around 10% but it is not guaranteed, as some of them don’t offer any at all. You will need to shop around for the best price as always. Otherwise, you would have climbed the hill and failed on the straight. Just get a few quotes and compare them with each other.

It can depend on where you live as well. In some states you need to be over 50 to gain savings. It is highly recommended that you take a relevant advanced or safe driving course depending on your age. When you are older it may make sense to refresh knowledge and skills. Many youngsters continue their driving education even after they pass the test and they can get decent savings by passing advanced tests.

The costs are around $200 and it usually takes one day to complete. It is definitely worth taking one of those courses, especially after a license suspension. You will need car insurance with suspended license before you are allowed to get it back. These policies can be real expensive considering the fact that something serious must have happened beforehand and it would still be on the record. Most automobile insurers would offer lower rates if they know you have passed an exam since the suspension. That is alone a good enough reason to do it. But you would learn a few things for sure too.

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