Car Insurance Coverage in Massachusetts

Did you know that Massachusetts has one of the highest numbers of driving citations in the country (9th)? This would have the effect of increasing rates. This may be because the police and authorities are keener to catch the offenders rather than too many motorists breaking the laws. Maybe citations are the sign of well-controlled traffic regulations and they may be for minor offences. Also it has the lowest Uninsured Drivers rate in the country (4.5%). It is a positive outcome against the number of traffic violation citations. It seems you cannot have it all.

Unfortunately, MA has one of the most expensive living costs in the US. When bills are usually high premiums may draw less attention. This would have the effect of making them relatively more affordable.

Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Requirements

Liability limits

These figures are taken from a very helpful State website where options and terminology explained kindly.

Generally, having an inquiring mind serves you better. There are too many consumers who don’t ask questions or wonder if they could buy goods and services cheaper. This is reflected when they are buying vehicle insurance policies as well. When you don’t ask questions you get to keep high rates for years. They will not automatically check for the best policies on offer or highest discounts. They will keep offering you the same renewal terms that will make you miss all the improvements in the market in terms of premium and coverage.

It seems that most things are going for the 4.7 million drivers in the Bay State. Nearly everyone has at least liability only and roads are better controlled. This is a clear indication of a safer driving environment. This would mean that companies have more reasons to price policies reasonably. It is up to you to find cheap automobile insurance in Massachusetts and you can achieve this by maximizing savings and minimizing surcharges.

Massachusetts in PicturesYou need to shop around a bit to get the best deals too. Trying hard to stay loyal to one company would mean that you discard all the other available choices. Perhaps, they come to their senses when they realize that you have got better offers and about to walk out the door. Many people think this doesn’t happen but vehicle insurers have a way of magically finding discounts for you and match the prices offered by their rivals because it isn’t easy to find new customers and costly too.

First thing you should do is to get quotations to find out what else on offer in the market. If one of them sticks out in terms of coverage, price and reliability of the provider you can go with it. Otherwise, you can take your time to compare various options or go for the second round with some changes on the details according to responses.

Don’t you worry that the premium will shoot up when you increase coverage levels. Generally, prices go up very slowly while increasing protection provided substantially. This is one of the lesser-known facts of arranging policies. We have a few great articles on our site that can help you find the best deals and learn more. Most people may think that there is nothing new they can learn. Then, call it refreshing your knowledge.

Average Cost of Auto Insurance in Massachusetts

There are a few demographic characteristics that show the residents don’t need to be persuaded hard to buy better products. They are well educated and in a much better position financially compared to the rest of the US. A clear indication of this is the fact that the state has the highest policy take-up ratios in the country but it is not limited to that. We can understand the position better when we look at the average costs and the gap between them below.

Average cost of premiums is $1,008 and it is $167 over the US figure of $841. Even though these figures look expensive, appearances can be misleading. We can see it more clearly when we look at the estimated cost for a full coverage. It is bang on level with the US average of $1,325. In other words, you can get relatively affordable full coverage car insurance in Massachusetts by spending little over $300 more than the median expenditure.

This means that the popular product here is by far full coverage policies. That is probably the main explanation why the average premium expenditure is so close to it. Another reason may be that most sources are pushing to sell more comprehensive packages instead of liability only vehicle insurance.

This is not an unknown phenomenon since some companies are known to offer better full coverage quotes than liability only. It is their strategy to try and capture more affluent clientele rather than selling policies whichever way they can. It is a popular belief and supported by statistical figures that more affluent policyholders are less likely to make claims.

On the other hand, motorists who buy basic liability coverage because that is the minimum they are required to have or they can only afford this much aren’t seen as a favorable type. Besides, basic liability limits are the first in the firing line to pay for third party claims no matter how small it is. Additional coverage bought only comes into play when the claims are bigger than the basic levels.

Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies in Massachusetts

Competitiveness changes, depending on zip code, size of population and other particulars. A cheap carrier for a good driver may not necessarily be affordable for a student. However, there is a high chance one of the fairly priced companies below will offer you a cheap quote because they usually offer around 20% better rates, in comparison to rivals.

  1. GEICO
  2. State Farm
  3. Grange Mutual
  4. Concord
  5. Hanover

Car Insurance Boston, MA

Even though it is no surprise the city has one of the highest rates in the Bay State. The premiums in Boston are 4o% more expensive than the average. It is the largest city and it is 3 times more populated than the second largest. Generally densely populated big cities have considerably more vehicular accidents and crimes. For example, crime numbers in Boston are 3 times more than the surrounding area. So, it is not surprising to see expensive rates but you can still get economical quotes even here if you follow some of the tips on our site.