Why Buy Packaged Car Insurance Policies

Often you come across a nice deal that includes a few extras. Package auto insurance policies may allow motorists to buy more coverage than they would otherwise be able to afford. A few things are thrown in there at nearly cost prices. Some companies prefer to just offer the lowest quote and others may like to attract new customers by coming up with thoughtfully bundled up policies at affordable prices.

If you have Liability only you should check to see if you could upgrade it to an affordable full coverage car insurance deal with acceptable premium increase. Most owners like to protect their cars as well as any damages they may cause to third parties. So, they buy Collision and Comprehensive as well against crashes, theft, storm, flood, accidental losses, fire, vandalism and most other perils. These two components generally are sold together.

According to studies, about 70% of motorists like to have full coverage. Therefore there are plenty package policies available in the market. Some companies come up with really executive plans that have nearly everything in them including some serious legal defence costs should you be sued. Buying one of these packages is great but make sure they are not over your budget.

On the other hand, you will see quite a few reasonably priced automobile insurance policies sold. These will most probably include 4 important provisions; Liability, Collision, Comprehensive and Uninsured Driver coverage. If you ever suffer a serious loss one of these components will pay large sums of compensation.

Most owners like to make sure they take care of possible big losses, as it would be difficult to pay them out of pocket. The rest they are happy to take care on their own. Quite a few of them would not even make a claim if the damages were around one thousand dollars. They would rather keep clean driving records and keep getting cheap vehicle insurance rates for many years.

Nonetheless, you can buy a lot more coverage than those four items mentioned above. There are two ways of going about achieving this goal. The first and easiest one may be to find a highly inclusive auto insurance policy already marketed and buy it. This is probably the cheapest way of getting what you want.

Since the companies design these packages to be sold to large numbers of drivers they can be economical. Perhaps it is not as economical as the basic full packages as mentioned above. However they would still be cheaper if you were to add the extras on a basic Liability.

Quite a few people may complain that their full coverage did not include Rental Reimbursements. This is one area people assume they have when they are told to have a full policy. Then, they go ahead and rent a car while theirs is in the garage for repairs sustained in a crash or during a theft. When they found out that rental expenses won’t be paid they are not happy. It is best to check with your agent before going ahead and incurring expenses.

Should they have it they would probably get about $30 a day for about 30 days. Rental Reimbursement can cost between $50 – $100 additional premium depending on other factors like driving history, age and gender. If you specially want certain protection you should make sure to ask for it.

Otherwise, it is a case of considering the value of extras and deciding to take it or leave it. Remember nothing is really free and you will need to check the costs. It is just like the grocery store; the more you put in your basket the more you will need to pay at the checkout. Every dime you spend has an alternative cost. What it means is that it has left your pocket and you cannot buy anything else with it.

First of all, just make sure that you are insured against losses in key areas, as discussed above. So, no matter how fancy it sounds, find out what it is and does and consider its necessity. You cannot ensure that you are 100% protected whatever happens. You just have to say this much is enough at some point. You will need to pay for a few things out of pocket and it is just part of owning a vehicle. Otherwise, there is no limit to what you can include.

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