Cheap Auto Insurance in Mississippi

Mississippi tops several charts in a good way and bad. It is the state with the cheapest living costs in the USA. Also, it has the highest Uninsured Drivers rate at 26% as well. State does not mandate Uninsured Drivers coverage but wouldn’t you think it is a must if you are going to drive in the Magnolia State. It doesn’t look like cost of car insurance is the main reason for high number of uninsured drivers as the state does not appear within the most expensive states. If affordability is the issue, there will be a few tips on how to get cheap automobile insurance in Mississippi further down.

Probably the answer to why there are too many uninsured drivers in the state is in the overall wealth of Mississippians. It is one of the poorest states in the country. Actually, several time the state has been named the poorest. Unfortunately financial difficulties will affect the choice of policies and in fact the decision to buy coverage or not. You should read this post if you are not sure how does buying car insurance help you?

MS has one of the lowest automobile ownership rations in the United States, with about 580 cars per capita.

It is not a densely populated state. The largest city is Jackson with only around 180,000 residents. This creates a problem for the state authorities who don’t have enough people to tax. Roads may not be looked after as good as you would expect in America. This will in turn increase accidents and premiums.

Mississippi Car Insurance Laws 

Cheap Auto Insurance in MississippiMinimum liability requirements are;

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
  • $50,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident.
  • $25,000 for property damage.

Also there is a $1,000 fine for driving with no insurance and driving license suspensions even though this does not seem to deter people from not keeping the basic coverage. You can read state guide here for further information and up to date requirements. You can also check who is licensed to sell policies in your state or find out about vehicle registration on this website.

It is clear that Mississippians would appreciate better-priced auto insurance. There isn’t really a secret to it. You just need to know what to do to increase your chances and how to go about it. There are a few obvious saving opportunities based on your driving and claim records, credit history and type of a vehicle you want to insure. When you can manage to bag those savings you can reduce your premium substantially. But you must also avoid getting surcharges because of traffic tickets or recent claims. If you want to know how traffic tickets affect your rates read this post titled; how much does my insurance go up after a ticket?

You may think that insurers will automatically offer you those discounts and therefore you don’t need to do anything. This would be a mistake as each company would apply different amount of discounts for each type of qualifications. So, you need to keep checking which company will offer you the best deals in your current circumstances. For example, one company may offer 25% discounts for good credit score and only 20% for having great driving records. This may be fine by you if you have a great credit score. If you have great driving history but poor credit score this company may not be for you. Then, you would be looking for companies that offer the biggest discounts for good driving records.

Another reason for getting alternative auto insurance quotes from different providers is that they change their rate structure quite often. A company that was offering the best rates in MS can lose its competitiveness overnight with new comers taking its place. By shopping around and getting a few quotes you would be able to find the right policy and insurer for your needs.

How Much Does Auto Insurance Cost in Mississippi?

Rates aren’t particularly expensive on their own and in comparison to the rest of the US. However, MS rates are expensive in relation to wages and other expenses. So, premiums can stick out like a sore thumb in household budgets. It is difficult to see how this would improve when you know 1/4 of motorists don’t bother buying a policy. This means that people who buy insurance compensate for the people who don’t buy by paying for the damages they caused as well, directly through uninsured motorist coverage and indirectly by levies applied by insurers.

The state has one of the lowest average income and one of the cheapest living costs. Average car insurance cost in Mississippi is $768 and below the national average of $841. Motorists can get reasonably priced full coverage quotes in MS too as the average estimate is $1,277 and lower than the country average of $1,325. These figures are given as indication to see if you have cheap or expensive premium. If you have had recent claims or traffic tickets you should expect to pay a little bit more than the average. But it can be a lot cheaper if you have been driving for years without a glitch.

Inexpensive Auto Insurance Companies in Mississippi

One of the first thing you should do to get good rates is to find the cheapest car insurance companies in MS. This task is now easier for your since we listed 3 of the cheapest insurers for you below. These companies are consistently the cheapest across most cities of MS. The rates are nicely gathered around the state average with no city sticking out as much cheaper or a lot expensive, including Jackson.

  1. ALFA, $846
  2. GEICO, $968
  3. Unitrin, $1,005

Remember that this is not a definitive list for several reasons. First of all, these prices are for good drivers with experience and for basic coverage. You may have to pay a lot more if you want better coverage or you don’t have clear driving record.

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