Nevada Auto Insurance

The state has one of the lowest Automobile ownership rates per capita in America. For everyone living in the state there is only half a car owned. Number of Uninsured Drivers at 12% is lower than the country average. This probably contributes to cheap car insurance rates in Nevada. Living costs in the Silver State neither expensive nor cheap.

It seems that the state has found a happy medium. Most people are happy to insure their cars and quite a few people are happy not to own one. Living in such an area would probably reduce your stress levels. It is harder to spare money for pleasure and finer things in life in some parts of the United States of America because large portion of wages are spent on expensive rent, premiums and a few other essentials.

Nevada Car Insurance Requirements

Nevada Auto InsuranceMinimum requirements in NV are;

  • $15,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
  • $30,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident.
  • $10,000 for property damage.

Weather condition here is harsher for drivers than most other states. Mountains of the state can get large volume of snow every year. However it is one of the driest states in America. This may cause dust storms. Regardless of your accident is caused by storms or snow you may end up with a claim and increase your premiums from the next renewal. When you have a large damage or accident you have no option but to make a claim. However, you can avoid making small claims where you will only receive few hundred bucks after deductibles and keep your current low rates. This is a tactics often used by many motorists. You can find out here how much will insurance rise after accident?

Companies are becoming more careful with motorists who are happy trigger with claims. They then become aggressive in increasing rates. The problem with having several claims to your name in a short time is that your premium will be increased substantially and you may find it hard to find reasonable prices as a result. That is why it may be smart to accept small damages and pay it out of your wallet.

You can protect yourself with good coverage in NV. There are wide ranges of coverage options to choose from including Collision and Comprehensive Coverage for your automobile. If you have a loan on your auto you will probably need them as well as GAP insurance. When it comes to buying coverage you can choose an independent broker or tied agent as well as going direct or buying online. Many people are comfortable with buying auto insurance online since they can learn about their options quickly and make an educated decision. Plus, there is no sales gimmicks or pressure.

You are welcome to spend some time on our website, read some of our tips on arranging coverage, getting quotes, and how to minimize car insurance spending. There are plenty other good sources of information and quotes online to help you out too. Make use of them to find what you are looking for in a record time and save money. There is no reason why you shouldn’t have the best coverage at a pretty good price and be insured by one of the most reliable companies in terms of claim payments.

How Much Does Vehicle Insurance Cost in Nevada?

Looking at average cost can help motorists see if their premiums are fair or expensive. It can also reveal about the market, buying habits of policyholders and overall driving and vehicle ownership related risks. For example, rates may be affect a bit because of the weather related losses suffered by insurers but there isn’t much that can cause high rates in the state.

However, first look at average premium expenditure suggest pretty high rates as the average of $936 is nearly $100 higher than the national average of $841. This figure is the average premium expenditure in NV and it includes all types of policies from basic liability to full coverage. That is why it may be misleading to suggest that rates are high in this state. The picture changes after seeing motorists can get affordable full coverage auto insurance quotes in Nevada at average of $1,221. The nationwide average is $1,325 and over $100 higher than NE.

The average cost of full coverage policies are not far off from the average premium expenditure in NE. The difference is only $285. This usually means that most policyholders have full coverage, with %72 of motorists choosing it. Nevandans are fairly well off and this may reflect on the type of cars they buy. As a result, vehicle owners may prefer full coverage for their better than average cars.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Nevada

The premium quoted by the most expensive insurer in NE can be as much as 4 times more expensive than the quote by the cheapest insurer. Do you really think you can take a chance by accepting the first quote offered to you after this revelation?

  1. Allied, $795
  2. Oregon Mutual, $826
  3. GEICO, $830

Average premium expenditure is all over the place in Nevadan cities. The difference in premium can be as much as $1,000 between the cheapest cities of Dayton, Winnemucca, Elko, Battle Mountain and Spring Creek and the most expensive cities of Las Vegas, Whitney, Paradise, Sunrise Manor and Winchester. Average premiums in the five most expensive cities are much higher than the rest of the state. Considering the list is made up of the largest cities in NV, these cities push up the average quite a bit that the actual premium gap is probably even bigger.

Cheap Auto Insurance Las Vegas NE

Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada with population of over 600,000 people. LV has one of the highest rates in NE. The average premiums in Sin City are about 40% higher than the state average. The above insurers are the lowest priced companies in Las Vegas as well and they can offer you about 40% cheaper rates than the average rates charged in the city. As you can see, there is plenty hope for you to find cheap car insurance whichever city you live as long as you know where to look.

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