Cheap North Dakota Auto Insurance

North Dakota is one of the least populated states with around a million people. However, the state has one of the highest auto ownership with just over one car per head in the state. This is consistent with other low populated areas in the country where people may have to make private arrangements to solve transportation problems. It is a cycle; you cannot run cost effective public and private transport facilities when you don’t have large populations to support it. This in turn will push more and more people to owning private automobiles and less dependence on alternative transport.

Living costs are on the expensive side compared to many other states. On the plus side, Number of Uninsured Drivers is at 9% and well below the average of 14% across the country. It is good to see that most people are sensible enough to get covered in this state even though living costs aren’t cheap. Uninsured motorists are burden to economy, insurers and policyholders since everyone else has to pay for the damages they cause. So, premiums should be cheaper for everybody when the number of uninsured motorists are low.

North Dakota Car Insurance Requirements

The state has No-Fault auto insurance rules. The system is designed to keep small injury claims out of courts by requiring motorists to insure their own losses. However, it operates on threshold basis. People can claim small injuries through their own insurers but they can sue for larger damages. That is why it is mandatory to have minimum liabilities coverage like most other states. Here are the minimum Requirements in ND;

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
  • $50,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident.
  • $25,000 for property damage. 

Cheap North Dakota Auto InsuranceAnd also you must have following coverage to include Uninsured Motorists and No-Fault Coverage.

  • $25,000/$50,000 in uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage
  • $30,000 in personal injury protection

You can check state website for more information. State department of insurance is the source of valuable information, guidance and advice. They can help you to fight against unjust practices by vehicle insurers. They can help you find coverage if you are struggling to find a company that will insure you. You can also check company ratings as every state publishes the complaints they receive about insurers licensed in the state.

It is important that every consumer look to find the best deals they can. Then, we would have a consumer driven market rather than a marketplace where companies can get away with expensive prices. There is no doubt that insurance premiums take a large portion of your household spending. When the premiums are high and life is expensive you have a higher chance of saving decent amount of money.

All you need to do is take a few minutes to shop around to find the best deals. Spending a few minutes online should help you identify the sources of cheap auto insurance in North Dakota. Comparison websites like this will be great for getting quick quotes. It may not look to be the case but comparison sites are one of the easiest ways of going direct to insurers. It will take time to find each company one by one. However, comparison websites will help you identify those more competitive auto insurers in no time.

Cheap Car Insurance Companies in North Dakota

You could start getting quotes from these below insurers that are known to offer lower rates in The Peace Garden State. Premiums quoted can be as much as 80% different between the lowest and highest quotes here. That could easily mean couple of thousand dollars savings for a student or high risk driver. That is why it is highly recommended that you search well for the best deals and never buy vehicle insurance without shopping.

  • Allied, $792
  • Nodak Mutual, $823
  • State Farm, $861

Dairyland appears to be the company you may want to stay away since ValuePenguin found the company to be quoting 2.5 higher rates than the average in the state. You can afford to overlook one or two companies when there is so many other insurers to consider. Liberty Mutual and North Start are the other two most expensive insurers in North Dakota.

The average automobile insurance prices holds across the state where there is no one city that can be noted specially expensive or cheap in comparison with the rest. So, it doesn’t really matter which city you are from. Also, those 3 cheapest companies remain the same across all cities in the state.

How Much Is Car Insurance in North Dakota?

Here you have one of the cheapest average cost of car insurance in the US with only $605 against the national average of $841. However, the premiums aren’t as cheap when you want to buy full coverage in this state since the average is $1,200. That is twice more than average spent. This suggest that motorists in this state are keen to insure their automobiles but not keen enough to buy full coverage. This seems to be the case in less populated states in the country.

There may be many other reasons as to how North Dakota automobile insurance rates end up being cheap. Usually, number of accidents and claims plays a major role in premium costs. The Peace Garden State with Great Plains appear to be a perfect example of low countryside rates due to low accident rates. Auto repair costs and theft rates are probably lower to compared to more densely populated states that have also got high costs.

Where you live does affect your premiums. But there are more influential factors like your driving history, recent claims, who else drive your car and what type of a car it is. One of the simplest rules is that you need to find as many discounts as you can if you really want the lowest rates possible. So, stay a bit longer on this site to read our tips or get a few quotes from top insurers in our quote platform.

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