Cheap Auto Insurance South Carolina

South Carolina has one of the lowest car insurance rates in America. Uninsured Drivers at 11% is below national average as well. Perhaps low premiums help motorists afford to buy at least liabilities coverage. However, Drunk driving related traffic death in this state is pretty high at around 40%. This is a serious issue and one that motorists should pay extra attention. When there are known problems of drinking and driving it is best not to drive late at night especially Friday and Saturday. Defensive driving and watching out for obvious signs of drunk drivers can save lives. Agreed that this is one problem the state and police have to tackle but you should do whatever you can to safeguard yourself.

Living costs don’t appear to be too high either in this state. Life is better when you are not pressured with high costs of living. That shouldn’t stop you from trying to get cheap car insurance in South Carolina. When you start getting too comfortable with your spending your pockets turns into a bucket with too many holes. Everyone can save some money by shopping around attentively and learning how to save cash on automobile insurance. Finding most of the discounts you qualify and finding an insurer that offer the largest savings for them could cut your rates substantially.

The  premium difference can be as much as $1,000 between the cheapest and most expensive insurer in the Palmetto State. That is why shopping for car insurance is one of the easiest and most effective means of reducing your premiums. Also, worth noting that insurers regularly change their rates structure that results in shift in their competitiveness. Once competitive insurer can quickly become not so cheap anymore. You should always get a few quotes online and see the latest rates. It shouldn’t be any trouble for you since it only takes 5 – 10 minutes to get a proper quote.
Cheap Auto Insurance South Carolina

Minimum Liability Car Insurance Requirements in SC
  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
  • $50,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident.
  • $25,000 for property damage. 

Check South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles website for further information and updates. You can verify penalties for driving without insurance as well there. You can see that it is not recommended to take chances by driving without coverage. Fines and penalties are only one part of the problem.

Remember that you will still be liable for the claims against regardless of having cover or not. The injured people and people you caused financial losses will not simply go away when they learn you don’t have insurance. They will sue you until the lass dime in your pocket. If you have nothing they will wait until you earn and keep taking money from your wages until they are fully paid off.

Further coverage and much larger liabilities limits are well advised for motorists. Most motorists buy full coverage in America. Talking to an Agent is advisable if you are not sure about any part of your coverage, policy or how much cover you should buy. You can also search the Internet for information and quotes. There are plenty resources online to gather information and auto insurance quotes. Most quotes are delivered almost instantly by many auto insurers.

Affordable Vehicle Insurance Companies in South Carolina

So, here are 3 companies that are known to be the cheapest in SC. Start your search for the best prices with them and work your way through at least a few more insurers.

  1. GEICO, $659
  2. Auto-Owners, $731
  3. Hartford, $760

Sometimes you may need to be member to an association or trade body to qualify for discounts. For example, you may need to pay small membership fee to South Carolina Farm Bureau to be eligible for Southern Farm Bureau’s services. It may be worth the money if you aren’t already a member because you can get good rates from them. There are a few examples like this one and the other one may be AAA. These discounts are great, especially when you cannot get many discounts because of a recent claim, traffic tickets or young age.

This is another state where automobile insurance costs are pretty uniform among its cities. They gather around the state average nicely with no city being a lot cheaper or much more expensive.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in South Carolina

Perhaps you should start with checking how much is car insurance on average in South Carolina? Your state is almost bang in the middle in terms of average premiums paid in the US at $794. It is the same if you are looking for full coverage and the estimated premium is $1353. There are a few numbers here that may confuse you. The costs depends on many things and one of them is the level of coverage you choose. The figures quoted with the companies is for minimum coverage and the latter is for full coverage. Your rates change depending on the coverage and you may be paying much more or little less than those figures.

As discussed above, you may end up paying a lot more if you cannot qualify for enough discounts. Your credit score is another factor that can influence your rates, along with your age, gender, education, occupation, yearly mileage and zip code. Most motorists qualify for some sort of discounts no matter how bad their driving records. So, you should stick around and check for ways of finding savings.

Driving is a pleasure and almost an essential part of our lives. It is best to take care of risks involved with driving and auto ownership so that you can enjoy it more with peace of mind. Many people make the mistake of getting too bothered with the premium payment part of insuring automobiles. You should pass that part and concentrate on how car insurance works to help motorists in their most difficult times. It may not be a big deal to have a fender bender but you would desperately need your insurer to rescue you when you have a substantial accident. Think what would happen if you didn’t have sufficient coverage. Who would help you recover from such financial losses and huge claims against you?

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