Auto Insurance Coverage in Utah

There are a few good things going for Utah motorists. First of all, drunk driving related traffic deaths are one of the lowest in the country. This is great news as you are safer on the roads without them. Secondly, Uninsured Drivers (8%) are well below the national average of 14%. The chance of being hit by a motorist who cannot pay for your damages is less when there are fewer of them around. Thirdly, living costs are lower than most other states.

Utah Car Insurance Premiums

Rates appear to be neither high nor low. Average cost is $734, which is over $100 lower than the national average of $841. This is a good indication that overall risks are lower. That is why underwriters are happy to offer reasonable prices. You need to be a good driver and live in a safe environment to get inexpensive auto insurance and things seem to be working for the residence in several aspects here.

When you find these low rates you may as well buy full coverage, which is estimated to be $1,061 on average. Again it is about $270 cheaper than the US average. Full policies not only protect your car but also usually offer increased levels of liability coverage. Hopefully, you will never need it but people are litigious in America and you may face one of those exaggerated liability claims. Then, you will really be glad that you have enough protection against them and the carrier will take care of it for you.

Collection of Pictures from UtahThere are still a few more discounts you can qualify for and bring the costs down even further. Some of those aren’t even related to driving. For example, having a great credit score can save you a whopping 20%. Studies show that there is a correlation between making a claim and the score. That is why the majority of jurisdictions including the Beehive State allow credit checks to be used in premium calculations. Therefore it is essential that you look after your financial affairs well along with driving carefully if you want to save money by getting even more discounts.

Utah Vehicle Insurance Requirements

It is a legal requirement that liability coverage must include at least following provisions;

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
  • $65,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident.
  • $15,000 for property damage.

It should also have

  • $3,000 personal injury protection (PIP).

For better protection on the roads you will need Uninsured Drivers Coverage. Also, you may want to have Collision and Comprehensive to protect your vehicle. You can find a lot more information on the official website. It also provides advice on many aspects of vehicle policies. They can tell you if a particular broker or agent is licensed to carry out their practice. The commissioner’s office is there to regulate the practices and protect consumers.

You can also look at their website and check the number of complaints made about a particular company. You should remember that it is not the number you should be looking for but the ratio of complaints to the number of policies they have in effect. Some of them may appear to receive a lot of them because they have a much larger share of the market.

If you are looking for better and cheaper auto insurance coverage in Utah there are a few channels that can help you. You can go directly, look online through comparison websites or use a broker to help you out. Whichever method you use you should make sure that you check a large portion of the market. Getting only one quote and going with it is not a wise move regardless of where you live in the USA. When there are hundreds of providers you would be extremely lucky to find the most competitive in one shot.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a competitive company for a friend may not be able to offer you the same rates because your unique circumstances are different from a friend’s. Thinking that what works for friends or family will work for you too is an easy mistake to make. For example, parents may have years of clean record and claim history. They may own a home, have a safer automobile and excellent credit score. Most of them would be happy to offer them the lowest rates. If you are a young person just leaving home with hardly any experience or credit history it is highly likely that your parents’ carrier isn’t a good fit for you. You should be looking for the most affordable insurers for young drivers and they are usually different than the best for established ones.

Competitive Car Insurance Companies in Utah

Why not start the search with these names that are the cheapest here. There is a good mix to give it a try from a small to large and the usual suspect.

  1. Bear River, $514
  2. GEICO, $604
  3. Farm Bureau, $798

When you pick the most competitive carrier in the Beehive State you can save as much as 50%. There isn’t any other single discount that is this big, including no claim and good driver together. So, it is clear that you can save hundreds of dollars if you often shop for vehicle insurance and switch when you find a good deal.

To make it even clearer, just look at the estimated quotes for liability only coverage and you will see the difference between the cheapest (Bear River, $514) and third (Farm Bureau, $798). That is $284 savings just for going with Bear River rather than Farm Bureau. Imagine how much you would economize by switching from one of the expensive carriers to one of the cheapest ones. And imagine you want to buy full coverage rather than the basic policy. Would saving $1,000 surprise you? It would definitely not surprise us since we see it happening everyday.

These three companies remain to be the cheapest throughout Utah. Premiums in cities are huddled around the similar average estimated quotes nicely including Salt Lake City. There isn’t any one that is sticking out to be out of the range. This is unusual because cities are more expensive for automobile insurance due to higher risks of accidents, auto thefts and crimes.