Cheap Auto Insurance Vermont

Vermont drivers are doing a lot better than rest of the country. The traffic related deaths are comparably lover as well as drunk driving related traffic deaths. Of course, every single incident is a tragedy but they are doing better than most states. Dangers of driving while you are intoxicated are probably clear to most motorists but yet it is a practice some dare. Constant police checks, fines and education can keep those numbers as low as possible.

Numbers of Uninsured Drivers are much lower at 7% compared to 14% average in the country too. Finally, Vermont has one of the cheapest car insurance rates in the USA. Looking at all the positive data it is not surprising that insurers are happy to provide affordable auto insurance in Vermont. People may not realize but insurers constantly look at ways of rewarding low risk. We can see this practice is in place in the Green Mountain State.

Car Insurance Requirements in Vermont

Minimum liabilities requirements in VT are;

  • Cheap Auto Insurance Vermont$25,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
  • $50,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident.
  • $10,000 for property damage. 

You can check for updates in the future here at state Department of Motor Vehicles site and find out more as to what happens if you drive without insurance. They provide a lot more information and guidance. It is a good place to look when you have questions or want to find out something.

It is very important to point out that it is highly advisable to buy more coverage in terms of Collision and Comprehensive to protect your automobile. Also, it is best to increase liabilities limits to a comfortable level and consider buying Uninsured Motorists coverage. You could discuss all these requirements with your broker or agent or find out what does full coverage car insurance cover?

You should always keep in mind that buying much larger coverage doesn’t mean that you have to pay much more in terms of premiums. You will probably need to pay additional premiums. But it may be nothing when you consider how much more protection you will get. Many vehicle owners make the mistake of going for the lowest coverage they are required to buy because of the money worries.

How Much Is Full Coverage Car Insurance in Vermont?

Average cost of full coverage in VT is $942 and it is cheaper than basic liability coverage costs in some states like New Jersey and New York. The US average is $1,325 which is nearly $400 more than Vermont average. VT average premium expenditure is $656 (the US average is $841). These figures show how cheap auto insurance in Vermont is.

Cheap Auto Insurers VT

Below most competitive companies can offer you quotes that are on average 30% cheaper than the rest of insurers in the Green Mountain State. The most expensive insurer can cost double the most competitive insurer in the state. It is easy to save money on vehicle insurance if you know where to look.

  1. GEICO, $533
  2. Co-Operative Ins., $619
  3. Unitrin, $627

These insurers manage to offer uniform economical rates across the state no matter which city you live in. There isn’t really much between the VT cities in terms of automobile insurance costs. This is probably due to lack of large urban settlements in the state. In general, Vermonters enjoy country living in comparison to other states. This is well reflected on the cost of insuring automobiles. Low rates can be enjoyed throughout the state.

It is once again highlighted here that where you live is one of the key factors affecting vehicle insurance costs. Residents in highly populated states like New Jersey pays much higher premiums than mostly rural states like Vermont. This is mostly to do with the higher accidents, auto theft and vandalism in densely populated regions. You are more likely to have accidents in congested roads. Usually these accidents tend to be small in nature but they still cost millions of dollars because of the high volumes, plus the additional costs of dealing with each one. That is why several companies started settling small claims with minimum investigation or check.

Also, where is your home and work affects your individual premium. When you are living in a nice town and the distance between your home and work is near you can get extra cheap rates. Having a private parking like a garage or driveway reduces your rates a little bit more too. Although Vermont rates are generally uniform certain zip codes can be more expensive because of rougher neighborhoods.

Rates can widely fluctuate depending on the driver type. Naturally, younger, new and high-risk drivers get charged a lot more than the above quoted estimates because they are more likely to cause accidents in comparison with mature, experienced and established good drivers. Insurers can check applicants’ motor vehicle records to determine how much to charge for each one. Credit score is another factor that can qualify a policyholder for large discounts. The premium difference between a good driver and high risk driver can be as much as double.

If you really want to bring your premiums down you should look at ways of saving money on vehicle insurance. There are a few more articles on this site that are geared to help motorists out. Perhaps you would want to have a look at them. The aim should be to get as much coverage as you can get while keeping your premium costs in control. You should at least aim to get sufficient level of protection. You never know what happens once you hit the road.

Not many people think the worst case scenario when they are buying a policy. Thinking this way rather than thinking how can you buy the least expensive cover can help you a lot when you have a claim. You are buying a policy so that your damages and losses are covered after all. Good coverage is the most essential point to consider when insuring your automobiles.

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