Auto Roadside Recovery / Assistance Services & Providers

Readily availability of these services by car insurance companies appears to be very attractive for motorists. According to recent studies around fifty percent of them like to see this facility available within their policy. This will be handy and reduce administration. You do not need to think about who to call. Whenever you have car related troubles you have one point of contact. It may all sound great but we will look in detail if it is really the best option in many angles. There may be surprises down below.

Available Choices

Motorists should remember that there are several other providers. Depending on where you get them the level of protection can be considerably different as well. You can buy it from auto insurers, independent specialists like AAA or even from a supermarket. Drivers are spoiled for choices as usual.

So, a little consideration would be helpful when you come to need them. Generally, new automobiles should not have many issues. Also, it can be reduced by regular maintenance. Older and not well looked after vehicles may experience a lot more mechanical breakdowns. This point may be important in decision-making, as you will see later.

Assistance or Recovery

Companies like AAA are long established breakdown services. Their mechanics can fix most problems on the road allowing you to carry on the journey and giving you time to arrange the permanent repairs. Sometimes they sort out the problem permanently and other times they do enough to get you going. If you believe you would need highly trained mechanics to attend a breakdown on the side of the road you should buy this cover from a source that has mechanics with a van full of tools constantly patrolling.

Most auto insurers offer roadside assistance but they are unlikely to be as good as pure roadside breakdown services. You need to keep this in mind. Still they can be highly effective in bringing you petrol if you run out or unlock the car if you left the keys inside. They can arrange towing as well. Sometimes this may be all you need. Instead of an unknown repairman fiddling with the vehicle you may want it to be taken to nearest authorized garage.

Other Issues

However, there is another problem with buying this coverage from vehicle insurers. They will be keeping an eye on recovery claims. When the number of call outs to fix it increases one way or another you will trigger an internal red flag. If you have an accident as well in the same time they will have to think that you are not being careful or not looking after the vehicle anymore. These are good reasons to take away good driver discounts.

Also, any towing done by insurers goes down as accident related towing. On the contrary breakdown companies do not have to record any towing. This information (or lack of it) can be important when you are getting alternative automobile insurance quotes.

Cost Concerns

As you can see there is more to it than you might have thought. Even you do not think you would need such services you should at least have it included in your auto policy. One towing can cost you more than 5-6 years of roadside assistance membership. Keep that in mind. And you may be able to get it free or next to nothing with some anyway.

Another issue is of course finding cheap coverage and this site can help you. We have a few articles on the subject and you can get a few quotes from our panel to compare various options. It is always a good idea to have a look at alternatives carefully as discussed above. Finding things conveniently may prevent you from considering other and perhaps better sources.