Average Car Insurance Costs per Month

Knowing the median monthly auto insurance cost in your zip code helps to see if the premium is too high and how quotes are lining up in relation. This information would also help you plan ahead when you are considering buying a new vehicle. Then you can start checking if its rates are high or low in comparison to a run of the mill one.

Everybody has own way of dealing with spending. Finding a method that fits the budgeting style helps. However, most people just have to make sure that they can settle the bills with salaries. That is why they like to break down the larger bills into their time frame.

Can You Pay Vehicle Insurance Monthly?

Usually, you can choose the interval with most companies even though installments may not be spread exactly as you want. If you insist on thirty day spread you should check this point before you compare prices.

In addition, you should check if it costs extra to divide. Companies vary widely in their practices. Some of them may charge extra for differing while few others may offer this option free and usually it is nominal. Also, some of them may require pre-authorized debit (PAD) while others allow you to send it manually each time by signing up to an online account or sending checks by post. Again, some adds a bit more for credit cards while others don’t. Unfortunately, there is no set answer and you need to check with the provider before accepting a quotation.

Furthermore, some insurers may offer a small discount for paying in full to encourage policyholders. This may be because their estimates are already pre-loaded for instalment or they are very keen to get the money quickly. One point to watch is that you may need to ask for this discount as they may not give it unless the customer asks for it.

How Much Does Auto Insurance Cost per Month?

Premiums are almost as personal as DNA. Personal circumstances like auto, additional drivers, zip code, age, credit score, driving record, gender, marital status and so on differentiate one’s rates from others. That is why it is difficult to answer this question on a per person basis. The best way of finding out is to get a few quotes. If you only get one you only know how much that particular company charges. But getting several will give you a pretty good idea as to how much you should pay.

Usually there are enough data to give you a median figure and make an educated guess on the cost of certain types of policies. We can determine the typical monthly premium by looking at average expenditure in a region.

Furthermore, we can have a good guess on how much is a decent policy for a typical driver based on several studies. Our findings are displayed on the table below. If you want to know our methodology and resources we used on reaching these figures you should check our post; how much does it cost because this post uses the same data for the table. The key difference is that this post is about average cost of vehicle insurance per month. We haven’t added any extra for differing because it is generally negligible and rounded to the nearest figure.

The first column displays the median premium expenditure per vehicle in each state. Unfortunately, it doesn’t tell us what is the type of policy purchased by most people. However, it is not difficult to guess by looking at the difference between the two most popular types. When the gap is wide you can assume that most people in the area buy some sort of liability with add ons and fall short of full. On the other hand, when the gap is narrow you can say that most people prefer full coverage. Just to give you an idea, about 72% of US auto policies are for the latter or better.

The second column displays our findings based on quotes for a typical driver who is middle aged and has a clean record. This column allows you to see how much premiums are different in each state because they are based on the same applicant details. The table is great in showing median figures for a typical policy. If you can afford it you should try to get more inclusive protection with good level of liability cover.

Table: Average Premium Expenditure & Full Coverage Car Insurance per Month in Each State

State Average spent on
car insurance (rank)
Average cost for
full coverage (rank)
Alabama$56 (38)$112 (20)
Alaska$74 (14)$90 (37)
Arizona$68 (18)$99 (31)
Arkansas$59 (36)$112 (19)
California$65 (22)$146 (7)
Colorado$65 (23)$116 (16)
Connecticut$84 (9)$114 (17)
Delaware$91 (7)$134 (11)
District of Columbia$99 (2)$148 (6)
Florida$95 (5)$138 (8)
Georgia$67 (19)$130 (12)
Hawaii$62 (29)$87 (41)
Idaho$46 (51)$78 (48)
Illinois$62 (27)$86 (42)
Indiana$52 (45)$93 (36)
Iowa$48 (50)$82 (44)
Kansas$56 (39)$95 (35)
Kentucky$64 (24)$108 (23)
Louisiana$96 (4)$154 (4)
Maine$49 (48)$67 (51)
Maryland$82 (11)$134 (9)
Massachusetts$84 (10)$110 (21)
Michigan$94 (6)$228 (1)
Minnesota$62 (28)$105 (27)
Mississippi$64 (26)$106 (25)
Missouri$59 (34)$88 (39)
Montana$57 (37)$191 (2)
Nebraska$53 (43)$99 (30)
Nevada$78 (12)$102 (28)
New Hampshire$61 (31)$78 (47)
New Jersey$104 (1)$159 (3)
New Mexico$60 (32)$106 (24)
New York$99 (3)$88 (40)
North Carolina$52 (44)$82 (45)
North Dakota$50 (47)$100 (29)
Ohio$55 (40)$75 (50)
Oklahoma$64 (25)$148 (5)
Oregon$65 (21)$106 (26)
Pennsylvania$70 (16)$109 (22)
Rhode Island$89 (8)$134 (10)
South Carolina$66 (20)$113 (18)
South Dakota$48 (49)$97 (32)
Tennessee$59 (35)$95 (34)
Texas$75 (13)$126 (13)
Utah$62 (30)$88 (38)
Vermont$55 (41)$79 (46)
Virginia$60 (33)$85 (43)
Washington$70 (17)$97 (33)
West Virginia$72 (15)$121 (14)
Wisconsin$52 (46)$76 (49)
Wyoming$53 (42)$118 (15)

It is worth reminding again that these are only the mean monthly automobile insurance costs and you may pay a little bit less or more depending on details and requirements. If you are a teenager or had a recent accident claim you will need to spend a lot more. In the same way, you may be charged a lot less if you are a very good driver with no adverse record and perfect credit.

Also, prices can be hugely different depending on choices. It can be 3 or 4 times higher if you choose one of the most expensive insurers, instead of spending a little time to find the most competitive one for you. You may be a perfect candidate for cheap quotes but it doesn’t mean anything if you cannot find who has the cheapest automobile insurance. So, take a bit of time to find it.