How to Avoid Dozing Off while Driving

It is widely confessed in many surveys that most drivers do fall into sleep behind the steering wheel. Most of them are momentarily and luckily before the car crashes. Such accidents are generally fatal as the car flies off to the side of the road without any sign of braking or crashes onto a vehicle coming the opposite direction. Countless accidents happen because one driver falls into sleep or carries on in constant dozing mode.

We can easily convince ourselves that we can go on for another couple of hours before giving a break or stopping. Similar decisions can be so wrong for you, family members and other innocent people on the roads. If you have to put off anything you should give up forcing yourself to get to the destination tonight. This can easily be the last trip you ever take in this world if you insist.

By following a few simple tips and correctly evaluating your situation, you can keep everyone safe and sound. You can wake up early in the morning and carry on the journey the next day. It is better to arrive late than never. Keep these wise words in mind for the next time you are in this situation.

Take Regular but Short Breaks

Experts advise that drivers should take breaks every two hours. It is important to keep these stops brief. Drink a cup of coffee, go to the toilet to wash your face, stretch a little and get back to the road again. If you spend too much time this could cause a mental pressure not to stop anymore. Since you want to get to the destination early you may skip the breaks you think are costing you too much time.

Make a plan and choose a couple of nice spots to have one or two long rests as well as a meal. Agreeing on the spot makes everyone happy and looking forward to reaching there. Last thing you want is to offend anyone in your company while taking a long trip. They can be a great help to keep you awake by being in good company.

Drink Coffee

Studies show that coffee increases alertness. They find that going in and out of lanes and excessive swerving are reduced when the driver drinks coffee in comparison to the ones who don’t. Also, sipping a hot beverage every so often keeps your senses alive. So, take a flask full of coffee when you are on a long journey.

Another study shows that drivers with automatic vehicles are more likely to doze off. Motorists driving a manual automobile are busy with changing gears every so often and it keeps them awake. This goes to show you that doing something like drinking a beverage every so often is a good habit for a long-distance driver.

Remember to Open the Windows

Getting a little fresh air keeps you awake. Cars come with great air conditioning units these days but even the best one circulates the same old dirty air that can only make it easier for you to fall asleep. Pump oxygen into your blood circulation by either regularly opening the window or leaving it slightly open all the time.

Plan the Journey Well Ahead of the Time

Don’t start the journey without getting informed about the distance, how long it will take, the best places to rest and perhaps stay a night. In larger towns there will be a lot of hotel and restaurant options to choose for a pleasant meal and night. Don’t drive aimlessly and without any workable plan. This will only frustrate you into making rash decisions.

One of the reasons people may feel they have to keep on going is that they end up in wrong places when they are really tired. The next big town brings you a little closer to the destination. And you start feeling that you can make it from here instead of stopping for the night.