Bad Driving Habits Cause Higher Auto Insurance Rates

You do not suddenly get expensive vehicle insurance rates. This is generally the result of accumulated bad driving practices and deteriorating circumstances like moving to high crime areas and dropping credit scores. Particularly skills behind the steering wheel will play a key role in the amount of premium you pay. Good motorists stay alert to avoid accidents in time and therefore they can keep a clean claim history for a long time. When you start missing too many traffic lights and receive tickets for it and getting involved in fender benders it may be time to have a long look at driving habits if you want to improve car insurance rates.

What Are Poor Driving Habits?

It isn’t an opportunity to get some texting done: Granted that people endure congestion and long queues of slow-moving traffic. But even this is not an excuse to pull out a smartphone and catch up with texting.  These situations are ripe for fender benders. There are many rude motorists who will try to sneak in front of you or keep changing lanes. Also, there are motorbikes trying to squeeze through the traffic. If you are not paying attention it will result in incidents. It would be utter madness to engage in texting in a fast-moving highway where you are likely to be killed in case of an accident and you may cause fatalities to others as well.

Spending a few minutes before pulling off can solve all the problems. Not many of us have urgent matters to deal with, even at the cost of our own life. Once we realize this it will be easier to resist the urge to start texting and wait until the next stop.

Keep driving on the left or middle lane while you are clearly slow: If people keep taking over you even on a multi-lane highway it is time to move over to a slower one. Some people may think that they are safer on the middle lane because they do not have to take over other slow-moving vehicles. This is a dangerous and selfish behaviour. If you are forcing others to take over you on the right as well as on the left you are increasing the dangers around you.

Drivers should choose the right lane to travel depending on their speed. It is not smart picking the middle one, as you will find yourself in the thick of accidents happening on the right, left and middle. There is nowhere to escape. Once you finish taking over a slower vehicle you need to return back to the appropriate lane allowing others to take over you if they wish.

Always rushing around: is not a good habit. Yet many people are late for work, appointments or pick up a child. So, they think it is all right to force their way through traffic. When you have something else in mind you cannot pay enough attention to the road. There is a high chance you are going to knock over someone on a bike or a pedestrian. Should you cause serious injuries or death, how can you live with the guilt for the rest of your life?

It is always better to be late than never arrive. If being late seems to be your middle name you should set all watches 10 minutes ahead. Then you will just be in time for everything. Get better organized and if you are likely to be late due to unforeseen circumstances call ahead to let people know.

Being aggressive towards other road users: There is hardly any excuse to be a nasty person towards others on the roads. Remember you do not own them and you have to share. The other person may be an older or new driver. They may need more time to turn or move across a busy junction. It is not your place to shout at them or tell them what to do. You have got to wait for them.

Those behaviours will cost you eventually. You will be involved in accidents and pick up tickets in the process that will raise the premium. Hopefully, you will not cause injuries, damages and auto insurance rate increase for others as well. The sooner you fix these issues the better for your health and pocket.