Where Are the Best and Worst Drivers in the USA?

Sometimes you could be the absolute most careful driver and still get into an accident because of others around you are careless. There are certain areas that qualify for the worst and best and it is a good idea to have a look at for any pattern. Although the statistics and places listed below do not necessarily make each and every residence as such, they definitely can prevent or help get the best rates for auto insurance. 

cities with the best and worst drivers

The Worst Driver Cities

Downtown is where more traffic accidents occur, simply because of the high number of cars, commuting from the suburbs into work every day and congestion. These factors contribute to more accidents than in countryside. Yet, why are some residents accident-prone while others are well below the national collision average?

Part of what makes it a more dangerous town for motorists is themselves. If you look at a cross-section of America you could probably guess that the Northeast is more prone to accidents than the Midwest or south. Partly it is because of higher number of businesses that require the highest commuting rates. The other is the sheer density of the region. The top 7 densest states in fact are all north-eastern. This leads to more people and more accidents. This may be why 7 of the top 10 are from there, with the remaining 3 are from other very populated areas of California.

If you live in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvania or California you may be close to one of these terribly risky places.

10 Worst Cities to Drive in

  1. Boston, MA; 157.7% more likely to get into a collision
  2. Worcester, MA; 120.7%
  3. Baltimore, MD; 113.9%
  4. Washington, DC; 106.3%
  5. Springfield, MA; 93.1%
  6. Providence, RI; 87.4%
  7. Glendale, CA; 79.4%
  8. San Francisco, CA; 65%
  9. Philadelphia, PA; 64.4%
  10. Los Angeles, CA; 63.3%

One of the best ways of defending yourself is by buying sufficient coverage for damages and injuries. Secondly you should have a car that has met the top safety standards of the NHTSA and IIHS. If you are likely to get into an collision, you definitely want to be prepared financially and physically to handle the eventuality.

Surprisingly, even though Massachusetts has three in the top ten worst, it is only the 16th expensive state to be insured in. With one of the fewest uninsured drivers rate in the US at 4.5% compared to a national average of 13.8%, this may be a reason for the lower premiums. However, others are all in the top 10 of most expensive for vehicle insurance.

Towns with the Best Motorists

They are largely in the heartland of America, which you may notice, known for wide open spaces and less densely populated.

10 Safest Cities to Drive in:

  1. Kansas City, KS; 24.8% less likely to get in a collision
  2. Brownsville, TX; 24.6%
  3. Boise, ID; 23.5%
  4. Fort Collins, CO; 21.1%
  5. Cape Coral, FL; 21%
  6. Madison, WI; 18.2%
  7. Cedar Rapids, IA; 15.1%
  8. Laredo, TX; 14.7%
  9. Huntsville, AL; 14.7%
  10. Cary, NC; 13.8%

What you may notice about the latter is that the percentages that you are less likely to get into an accident are not as pronounced as those in the former. Although these are ‘safer’ they are at most only a quarter better than the national average. Which means you will still want to get full coverage and have a reliable vehicle.

Always remember to shop around by getting a few quotes. Once you manage to get to the bottom of good prices you will know that having the policy you want isn’t going to cost as much as someone who failed to compare providers. You would certainly want to have enough protection for the road when you know you live in a risky location.