10 Tips to Get Cheap Car Insurance for Bad Driving Record

When you are deemed to be high risk you will discover quickly that you need to work harder to find the most affordable auto insurance with bad driving history. The problem is that quite a few companies are only keen on good applicants. They do accept higher risk motorists but they hardly offer them discounts. And quotes end up being expensive when they lack them. Below we discuss way of finding a few savings here and there to alleviate the pain of high premiums.

auto insurance with bad driving historyHow Do You Get Poor Driving Record?

People can pick a few tickets pretty quickly. Speeding is one of the main reasons, but wrong turns, holding the traffic by going too slow, causing or not stopping after an accident can get you a ticket that will go on your file. Some people can get points even before getting a license. Getting caught behind the wheel without a valid license would get you points that would go on it as soon as you pass the test or validate it.

The worst stain is probably having a DUI for driving while drunk. If that is the case you may find it hard to get a decent rate. You may also have to deal with license suspensions and SR-22 insurance to get it back.

How Long Tickets Remain on File?

If there are carriers that don’t check your past you would wish that you weren’t that desperate to buy a policy from them. Their rates would be impossibly high that they don’t need to worry about your experience. The good news is that most tickets drop off after 2 – 3 years. DUIs stay on for 5 – 7 years depending on which state you live in.

Can You Get Cheap Auto Insurance for Bad Driving Record?

You shouldn’t be pessimistic about chances of scoring a decent deal somewhere and somehow because people even get reasonable premiums with no license. Many people can feel guilty and accept high premiums easily. There is no reason to be down about it although it is a problem you could have avoided. If you are prepared to work for it, here are 10 tips to help you in the process of finding the best deals available to you.

  1. Go Back to Driving School

When you cannot help but collect tickets taking a defensive, safe or advance driving course can help you figure out what you are doing wrong. Also, carriers see this as evidence that you are trying to fix the problems and offer some savings where it is allowed.

  1. Look for Other Discounts

There are others you can easily claim even though you cannot get the biggest one for the fact that you aren’t a preferred applicant at the moment with such experience. Check this post with over 20 discounts and see which one you can qualify. You may be surprised to find a few discounts that has nothing to do with driving at all.

  1. Add Good Drivers to Your Policy

This trick works for teenagers and should work for others too. When you add a person who can get some discounts their good fortune rubs on you. But don’t make the mistake of getting someone else front for you by buying the policy on his/her name and listing you. This is an illegal practice in many states.

  1. Downsize the Automobile

Buying a safe and cheap to insure vehicle is an effective way of reducing the premium. If you want to buy a sports car you will be approaching to fire with fire. You can always change it again once your name gets cleared.

  1. Improve the Credit

One thing that can help someone with checkered motoring past get affordable car insurance is having excellent credit score. You may have to wait for license points to drop off. But you don’t have to wait to improve the credit. A few changes you make in finances can start showing effects in few months. Then, the discount for good credit can easily wipe off rate increase for being high risk policyholder.

  1. Act before the Ticket Shows up

Insurers cannot apply surcharges for a ticket until it shows up on a Motor Vehicle Record. Until then you can arrange the best coverage for the longest period. If you are already on the edge of losing the license you may consider the option of fighting the ticket. You may want to talk to a legal representative about it. If you do, just make sure that you know the costs of such defence.

  1. Act Immediately after Drops from History

You probably know when tickets will come off. Go for quotes when it does and switch if you must. By arranging the renewal just after this time can make the job easier.

  1. Use only One Vehicle

Other people in the household don’t need to suffer because you have to pay more with not desirable background. If you own an automobile and have coverage you may be able to exclude yourself from other members of family’s policies. At least this way the family avoids being affected.

  1. Search for the Best Vehicle Insurer for Poor Record

There are a few companies you can go and still expect to get affordable quotes. Finding the best one could save you hundreds of dollars. Below carriers can offer cheap car insurance with lousy past.

  • Allstate
  • Nationwide
  • Progressive
  • Metlife
  • The General
  • Acceptance

You should give them a try before moving to the next tip.

  1. Just Get a few More Quotes

Just check with a few more sources and see what they offer. It should only take few minutes. The trick is to never give up and find that economical automobile insurance with perilous motoring past. Companies are different from each other and state rules can influence their pricing. So, it is always best to get a few more and see if any of them can surprise you. If you would normally get 5 quotes, you should get 10 now since some of them will just be rejection. It is just what it is and there is no need to take it personally.