How to Find the Best Auto Insurance Policy for You

Does your automobile insurance policy fit you perfectly? They may all be written on similar type of paper but their content is hugely different. You want coverage to fit your protection requirements nicely and premium not to stretch your budget. Also, you want to be insured by a reliable insurer who will not mess you around when you have a claim. If this is what you want read our tips on how to find the most suitable car insurance coverage that will fit you like a glove.

There are so many companies and policies offering various level of protection that you may need to spare a little time.  First, you should determine what types of covers you should buy and how much you can spend. If you determine the minimum levels of coverage and maximum premium you can pay, any additional coverage and reduction in premium would be a bonus. For example, you already know how much you need to pay to renew your current policy. So, that would be your price bracket and you would try to bring it down.

How to Find the Best Car Insurance Policy

best auto insuranceHere are the main points to consider when searching for the most suitable auto insurance policy that will make sure you are protected snuggly.  

   Vehicles: One of the first thing you should consider is how expensive your automobile. When you have a brand new and expensive car you would want to buy fully comprehensive coverage from an insurer who wouldn’t use replacement parts to repair your auto. In other words, you would be looking for good enough car insurance you can afford. If you have a clunker you can afford to care less and look for ways of saving money even it means dropping comprehensive and collision coverage.

   Insured Drivers: If it is only you and you don’t expect anyone else to drive your auto you could buy a policy that will only insure you and exclude other drivers. This would be perfect for young professionals who just moved to a new town and for people who just doesn’t share their cars. On the other hand, you would want to buy a more inclusive policy in terms of drivers if a few people are expected to drive your automobile. You need to include everyone with a driving license in your household as well as any other occasional drivers.

You would probably need to spare a little longer time to search for all your options when you have a young driver in your household. They would increase your costs considerably that you can probably save large sums by shopping around and switching if you have to.

   Driving History: When you are a good driver over the age of 25 and no claims you could load a lot of extras on your policy at a very reasonable cost. Most companies are generous to such drivers as the risks are low that allow you to buy satisfactory auto insurance coverage at reasonable price. But, you may be forced to drop or give up some of the coverage when you have a bad driving history as the costs could be horrendous. You may want to buy a basic policy and try to avoid any accidents. Then, your rates should start coming down after a year in which case you can go for more comprehensive policies from main stream insurers.

   Credit Records: Credit history is another factor you need to take into account when you are looking to buy the ideal car insurance coverage without breaking the bank. For example, you may want to buy an annual policy when you expect your credit score to deteriorate because of current income levels. And it may be better to go for a 6 months policy when you are expecting improvements on your credit.

   Where You Live: When you are living in a nice suburban neighborhood your premiums may be reasonable even when you have a sports car or large SUV. You may be able to afford several cars because of the low insurance costs and availability of a garage. However, you would have many issues with those cars when you move into city center.

First of all it would be hard (or expensive) to find private parking facilities that would increase your premiums. Secondly your premiums could be as much as twice more that you would have to question the viability of keeping more than one car. This is one of the reasons why people tend to keep only one car or have no cars in the cities. Another good reason is the availability of public transport facilities. Where you live affects your car ownership and insurance choices.

Plan ahead for the Ideal Auto Insurance and Shop around 

   Plan ahead: You will benefit from buying the right car for your circumstances and making sure that it is insurance friendly. For example, buying a larger car when you live right in the center of a large city brings a lot of problems. On the other hand, smaller cars can be parked anywhere and they are much cheaper to insure.

You need to think about next ten years when you are buying a new automobile. If your children will start driving in the next couple of years you should look for an auto that will be safer and cheaper to insure with young drivers. You shouldn’t go and buy a sports car since it would be very hard to find insurance coverage and young drivers would have much higher chance of crashing a sports car.

   Shop around: Many motorists think that most auto insurers are similar to each other and offer similar products at about the same price. This assumption would be like shooting yourself in the foot. You would trick yourself into not shopping around for the best vehicle insurance policy packages, prices and coverage. So, you need to understand that companies are as different as they can be.

There are so many reasons why one car insurance company may give you an extortionate quote. This is their way of saying “I am scared of the risks and therefore want a lot of money to insure you”. Some companies don’t like younger and older drivers, traffic tickets, bad credit history, certain zip codes and sports cars. A particular detail that triggers high rates with one company may not be a problem at all for other insurers.

Now you know how to find the best auto insurance policy for your unique circumstances. So, you should allocate some time to shop around for cheap quotes from various companies. The whole shopping process should be complete under an hour. At the end, not only you could save a few hundred dollars but also you would learn a lot more about what types of policies are available in the market. Furthermore, you would make sure you buy the right auto insurance cover that would increase your confidence in it and satisfaction from it.

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