What Age Can You Get your Own Car Insurance?

You may not be an adult yet in terms of age but you may be a self-reliant  teenager making a living. Then, you would probably want to have a car and policy independently. It is symbolic and generally necessary to have an automobile to move around freely and easily. But can a minor get auto insurance? Let’s try to answer this question and discuss the conditions attached.

For all intents and purposes, you are deemed to be a dependent in the care of parents until you turn 18 and legally not an adult.

There is nothing stopping a minor to buy vehicle insurance unless there is an age restriction on state laws. Most companies would be happy to sell 16 or 17 year olds a policy as long as they have driving licenses or permits. However, laws usually require a guardian’s signature when an adolescent enters into a legal contract like this. So, until you are eighteen years old you may need a guardian to sign for you, as you are not considered a grown-up yet.

Another point to check is the vehicle ownership requirements. Some states only allow an adult to register a vehicle on their sole names. Even if you pay for it out of pocket you may need to hold a joint title with mum or dad.

In that case, if you insist on insuring a car on your name you probably need to do it jointly with the guardian because his/her name is on the title. In other words, if the state doesn’t allow anyone below 18 years old to have vehicle title it is difficult for you to insure it on sole name. But some of them allow a minor to register an automobile. For example, you must be 17 year old to register a title in South Carolina. Therefore, You need to check the age restrictions on several aspects.

You can certainly do whatever you want at 18. But can anyone under this age get automobile coverage independently? There may be hurdles but the answer may be yes depending on the state.

At this stage quite a few people may choose to buy the vehicle on parents’ name. Then, it may actually make sense to cover the vehicle under their name and add you as a listed driver. Even you own it jointly you can still be included on their policy. If you are still living with them this may work out a lot cheaper and less complicated.

Actually, young drivers can stay on parents’ coverage as long as they want or at least until they leave home or get married. This option is often preferred after considering alternative costs. The fact is that an independent policy for a teen can be over $1,000 more expensive than insuring the vehicle attached to mum or dad’s.

If you don’t have a vehicle you can still be included to drive your parents’ car as long as you have a license. Most authorities require the vehicle to be registered to your name if you want to purchase coverage for it anyway.

At 18 you are an adult and you don’t need anyone’s permission to enter into any legally binding deal. That is why there is nothing stopping you to arrange it the way you like. You can have it on sole name, with a partner or decide to stay under a guardian. As long as you stay within the laws you might as well choose the cheapest option available. Actually, some people dare to bend the rules so that they can get the lowest rates or avoid expensive premiums.

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