Joint Car Insurance Policy between Unmarried Couples

Can you buy car insurance jointly with your partner if you are not married? Who can you jointly buy auto insurance policies with? How is it determined whose name can go on a policy and whose cannot? These are the questions we will deal with below and mainly try to make sense of joint car insurance for unmarried couples for you.

Insurable Interest on Vehicles

How an automobile is owned can have insurance implications in most states. As a general insurance rule, you need to have a reason to insure something or someone’s life like facing financial loss if anything happens to insured item or person. You cannot just go around and insure things that have nothing to do with you. If it is allowed, people would probably go around and damage them to collect from insurers.

The key here is insurable interest. The answer is “yes” you can buy joint auto insurance for unmarried couples “if” you and your partner owns it jointly. You need to have an interest on the property to be insured if you want your name on the policy and it usually comes with ownership.

For example, Auto loan lenders usually ask their interest to be noted on a policy insuring a vehicle they have borrowed money for because they have a legal interest on the vehicle as long as the loan is still outstanding. Other parties with insurable interest and share of ownership of the car can be on the joint policy even though they are only friends or business partners and living in different address. As it gets more complicated, you may need to clarify with the insurer after getting your quotes to make sure.

How about joint car insurance for married couples? In some states, even married people may be required to own the vehicles jointly if they want to insure them jointly. Other states may accept that spouses have enough insurable interest on properties owned by each other and see no problem in joint auto insurance for married couple (whichever way the ownership is settled).

Otherwise, you would probably have no problem including your partner or girlfriend in your policy as a listed driver regardless of them living with you or not. However, joint policies and listed drivers are two different concepts.

As stated above, your state vehicle insurance rules can affect how you can insure your cars or what you can claim. You will probably plan ahead at the vehicle purchase stage if you want to insure it jointly in some states. However, if you cannot insure a vehicle jointly you can probably add the other driver on the policy as listed driver.

One of the other interesting questions on the subject is like; can I add my girlfriend to my car insurance even though she doesn’t live with me? I think we have already answered this question above but you can follow the link to read more.

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