Car Insurance Comparison Charts

These days it is quick and easy to get a few quotes online and line the companies up however you want. It can get harder to finally settle on one when you have plenty options. Indecision is probably more notable on people who had bad claim experiences in the past. Also, general distrust towards them can lead to even further scrutiny. Hopefully below lists that tell you the largest, strongest, cheapest and best car insurers in the USA will help you.

Let’s start with ranking the largest companies according to volume of business. One of the downside of vehicle insurance comparison charts is that it is easy to find them on bigger carriers but most great local ones may escape the radar of rating providers. For example it is easy to find the following table that literally size up the largest in the US.

Table: Auto Insurance Comparison Chart

Rank CompanyMarket
Share %
AM Best
J.D. Power
Claims Ratings
Score 100
1State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins.18.3A++better than most 85
2Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (GEICO)11.4A++about average 83
3Allstate Corp.10.0A+about average 81
4Progressive Corp.8.8A+about average 82
5USAA Ins. Group5.3A++among the best 93
6Farmers Ins. Group5.0Aabout average 80
7Liberty Mutual5.0Athe rest 81
8Nationwide Mutual Group3.7A+about average 83
9American Family Mutual1.9Abetter than most 83
10Travelers Companies Inc.1.7A++about average 82

Source: NAIC 2015 data, III, Nerdwallet, S&P Global Market Intelligence.

There are only 10 names above but they collectively insure over 70% of the US automobiles. This should tell you a lot about their appeal and selling power. They are so big that it is difficult for others to compete against them. Most innovative policies are offered by one of these. They can also price policies highly competitively due to the volume of business. However, your circumstances may require you to look for a different list.

Are You Looking for the Cheapest? Another way of weighing them up against each other is price. If you are looking for a state-by-state car insurance price comparison chart we have done that too. Follow the link to discover the most competitive in your state in order to see how they will fair for you. That is a comprehensive list with huge and small ones in it.

You need to remember that a company may be the lowest priced in a zip code but this doesn’t guarantee that they will be the cheapest for you. That is why it is best to get a few quotes and carry out your own assessment.

Are You a High Risk Driver? If you are considered to be hazardous the above charts may not be as helpful for you. Although it isn’t always the case, leading ones have the tendency to quote higher rates for risky applicants. Depending on what makes puts you in this category this high risk automobile insurance companies chart can help you better.

Different reasons make group of drivers less desirable. It may sometimes have nothing to do with driving records. But there is a high chance another competitor will be happy to offer them affordable rates and this may pretty well be a nonstandard carrier. For example, many don’t want to sell liability only but there are several non standard specialists in this risk group.

Want to Know the Best Auto Insurance Carriers for Paying Claims? Most people don’t think much about claims when they are buying coverage because most don’t expect to make a claim. Still, Settling claims fairly and timely is probably one of the most important characteristics in a carrier. After all, you buy it just in case something unexpected happens and you can claim compensation.

Insurers have to act in good faith by law when they are dealing with claims. However, some are known to mess around claimants, frustrate them and perhaps deny claims in the hope that they will not put up a fight. You certainly don’t want them. That is why you should check claim settlement records. Although they are pretty close to each other on this department a ten percent difference in overall payouts is still large enough and equates to billions of dollars.

Whatever you want to know about them you can probably find out quickly on the Internet. You can also check this site by typing a query on the search box above. You can get a few quotes right here on our tool. One of the first things you should do is to first find out how competitive they are. There is no point wasting time until you know they can offer you a good deal, especially when you have a limited budget.