Auto Insurance Discounts for Taking Defensive Driving Courses

You can save money on car insurance by completing a defensive driving course. The potential savings can range from five to ten percent of premiums, depending on your age, insurer, state, and other factors. Some states require insurers to offer defensive driving discounts, while others may leave it up to the companies. Some auto insurance companies may not offer this discount so you should check with your provider beforehand.

The eligibility criteria and discount amounts can vary depending on your state and insurance provider. Defensive driver training discounts are commonly available to two specific age groups: drivers under the age of 25 and over the age of 55. These groups are considered to be at a higher risk of accidents and typically face higher insurance rates. However, in certain states such as New York, insurance companies are required to offer rate discounts to drivers of all ages who complete safe-driving courses. It’s important to check with your insurance company to determine the specific discounts and options available to you based on your age and location.

The duration of the discount can also differ. Some insurers may offer a discount for a specific number of years, which is usually 3 years and may require you to retake the course to maintain the discount (if it is still available).

Here are some key points to know about defensive driving courses and their potential benefits for insurance rates:

  1. Many insurance companies provide discounts to policyholders who have completed defensive driving courses. However, the specific discount amount and eligibility criteria can vary depending on the automobile insurance provider and state. Each company has its own policies and evaluation methods. To find the best rates and discounts, it’s important to shop around and compare quotes from multiple insurance providers.
  2. Defensive driving courses cover various topics related to safe driving, such as crash avoidance, awareness to watch out for unexpected risks, speed management, following distance, and passing, as well as covering local driving rules. Although the content may vary, the overall objective is to enhance driver skills and promote safe behavior.
  3. Some states offer the option to take a defensive driving course after receiving a traffic violation ticket. Successfully completing the course may have benefits like preventing points going on your driver’s license and keeping the ticket from appearing on your driving record. Availability and requirements for this option can vary, so it’s essential to check the regulations in your area or consult with the local traffic court for specific information. A speeding ticket can increase your rate on average 23% so you should take the chance if you are given an option to prevent it from appearing on your driving record and increasing your car insurance.
  4. Defensive driving courses can have different costs and durations and also may be taken online. The average cost is $50, and the duration may be between 4 – 8 hours. It’s advisable to check the costs and durations of courses available in your area.
  5. To maximize your savings, follow these steps: Ensure that the course you choose is recognized by your insurer, as different companies may have different requirements and some may not offer any savings. Select a course that suits your needs and preferences by considering factors like cost, convenience, and the quality of instruction. After completing the course, submit your certificate to your insurer to ensure that your discount is applied to your policy.

It is well worth the time and money to take defensive driving courses, considering how much you can save on vehicle insurance, plus improvements on your driving. To find the best overall coverage and rates, it’s recommended to compare quotes from different companies. While you are looking for companies that offer the largest discount for safe-driving courses, you may come across a company that offers no discounts for it but still comes up cheaper than the others offering this specific saving.