Does Bankruptcy Affect Car Insurance?

The relationship may not be obvious but being poor affects premiums indirectly. The indicator that gives away the position is credit history. And insolvent people are likely to have terrible scores once the facts are registered by the agencies that keep records.

Being declared insolvent will tank your score and it will in turn affect auto insurance rates, as it is one of the key factors that influence premium calculations with most providers.

Once a company agrees to insure a vehicle and its drivers they are committed to compensating damages caused and sustained. That is why they like to find out as much as they can about an applicant and take everything into consideration while they give quotes.

Underwriters care greatly about applicants’ financial well being and want to find out about it so that they can price the risk accordingly. They are not keen on customers who are most likely to claim for every little thing that happens to their automobiles because they just don’t have money to pay for them out of pocket. On the other hand, relatively well off people wouldn’t mind spending for small scratches and dents here and there, instead of bothering carriers.

Can I Get Car Insurance with a Bankruptcy on My Record?

There are a few things the laws will prevent you to do like running own business. But most people need a vehicle and liability coverage for it to get on with their lives and get to work. Carriers don’t want lapses due to nonpayment. They prefer customers who keep their policies and stay put for years. Saying that, insurers are unlikely to refuse coverage for insolvent drivers. However, they will certainly charge more.

Auto Insurance and Bankruptcy

Unfortunately, it is the last step for most people. They usually know what it means in many ways but there is no way out. Then, the next step is to deal with totally erased credibility and its implications.

If you are declared bankrupt, your premium is going to go up for sure but when and how much depends. If you currently have coverage you will probably not see the rate increase immediately after. However, you will probably see how expensive it can get starting from the next renewal.

Depending on the company and how low the credit score will go down you may face a policy non-renewal. It means that you cannot meet debts and current financial commitments. A few of them prefer not to sell policies to people with serious money problems and it cannot get any worse than defaulting on payments.

The key reason why carriers aren’t keen is the fact that it will affect claim decisions. When you have no money to spend for anything you will want other sources to pay vehicle damages and your policy is the most logical one. That is why most carriers would give pretty expensive quotes for people with poor credit, refuse to offer any estimate or even refuse to renew an existing one.

How Long Does Bankruptcy Affect Vehicle Insurance Rates?

Chapter 13 lasts seven years before it is deleted from records and chapter 7 is deleted in 10 years from the filing date. Both are very long time in a human life. All along the credit score will be extremely low and therefore it affects costs considerably with most companies because most checks it.

Furthermore, it may take a little longer for it to be removed from history. And it is unlikely that everything will be great shortly after that. It takes a while for it to recover from something as big as that. Once it is all over, you can see that things are improving pretty fast.

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