Auto Insurance for Pickup Trucks

Many motorists like to own a pickup even though they don’t use it for any business purposes and many companies offer personal car insurance for pickup trucks. The premiums can be surprisingly cheap, depending on its size, safety features like airbags, use, yearly mileage, zip code and the insurer. However, pickup truck owners should inform their providers of any modification and business use and pay the additional premium to ensure they are covered.

In addition, if it is registered by their business, often used to carry out trade tasks and driven by employees, they should have a commercial truck insurance because these activities and use is usually beyond personal policies. They may need to pay a little more for a commercial policy but they are covered for the intended purpose. Besides, they can probably deduct the insurance expense from tax.

Pickup trucks have more storage room and can carry more load so companies may have weight, size and axle limits before they can offer a personal auto insurance for them.

Yet many people keep pickups for daily drive and leisure use. Then, owners can arrange personal auto insurance for a pickup truck the same way as any other vehicle and choose to have Liability only or full coverage with Collision and Comprehensive Coverage. They can also customize coverage to suit their purpose and vehicle.

For example, they may be able to add trailer coverage for it, if it is allowed in their state and their provider accepts it. Usually, insurers would pay for damages a trailer may cause to third parties but they need to have a policy endorsement if they want the trailer to be covered for damages to it as well. If they are regularly hooking up a trailer to carry things like bikes or leisure equipment, they need to talk to their insurers about adding coverage for the trailer or hooking a trailer.

However, personal pickup truck insurance won’t cover the content of the trailer and therefore owners may need separate insurance for a boat or a camper in tow. However, they still need to tell the company insuring the pickup truck that they are towing these things on a regular basis. Also, a personal policy normally won’t cover any tools and personal items in a car or a pickup. So, it may be best to not leave anything in the vehicle when it is unattended, especially at night.

Vehicle insurance costs for a pickup truck will depend on its value, size, safety features, purpose of daily use and yearly mileage. For example, base model trucks would cost less to buy and repair and therefore would be cheaper to insure in comparison to the one with many additional features or highly customized one.

Furthermore, Four Wheel Drive (FWD) or 4×4 pickup trucks are usually more expensive to insure since they are usually more expensive to buy, have a larger engine and are more powerful. This is often the case for 4×4 automobiles or SUVs as well.

Motorists are advised to discuss with their car insurers about customizations, ideally before they get the work done. Things like having lights fitted at the top may not be a major issue. But they should inform their providers or agents if they are spending anything over $1,000 because they may not be paid for those additional works if the vehicle requires insurance covered repairs or it is totaled. Also, this makes sure that companies cannot deny a claim due to excessive customization unknown to the insurer.

The best advice for motorists looking for cheaper pickup insurance is to shop around as every company looks at and price risk differently. They will have a pretty good idea about how much premium they should pay after getting several quotes. Comparing prices is extra beneficial when the vehicle insured isn’t typical like a sedan.