Auto Insurance Rates in Iowa

The Hawkeye State has the cheapest state required minimum coverage car insurance rates in the US. The average full coverage policy premiums are fairly cheap too in comparison. Another comforting fact is that there are fewer uninsured drivers here than the country average. It is no surprise that it has one of the highest auto ownership figures of one car per person. Overall, it has pleasant and relatively safe roads for 2.2 million licensed Iowan drivers to enjoy. Iowa is considered to be one of the safest states to live in. Low crime and safe roads is a perfect combination for cheap vehicle insurance rates.

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Automobile Insurance Requirements

Here are the minimum liability limits required by the authorities;

  • $20,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
  • $40,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident.
  • $15,000 for property damage.

Two drivers who are involved in a car crash can both be found partially at fault according to modified comparative negligence law in Iowa. If you are deemed to be 51% or more at fault you cannot make a claim on the other driver or their carrier.

If you get caught driving without insurance with at least the above level of liability coverage, you may get a $250 fine, your vehicle can be impounded and its plates confiscated. Then, you will still have to buy the minimum required policy so that you can retrieve your car from the impound with a proof. Also there would be fees to be settled before they can release it. You cannot find any cheaper rates anywhere in the country so there is no excuse for driving without insurance.

Iowa has one of the highest hail loss claims and deer-vehicle collisions in the country. Both damages are covered under Comprehensive coverage and therefore it makes sense to arrange a full coverage policy in this state if you have a decent automobile and can afford to pay the premiums.

Car Insurance Prices in Iowa

It is known for its rolling plains and cornfields and neither of them worries underwriters enough to charge high premiums. The 3.1 million population is well spread across lovely countryside that creates perfect conditions for enjoying the view while traveling through.

The lowest average state required minimum liability only car insurance cost in the country is here in Iowa at $223 and that is almost $400 cheaper than the US average.

You can also get cheap full coverage vehicle insurance here as the average cost is $1,315 and it is 35% lower than the national average. Full coverage policies may cost nearly 6 times higher than the policies for minimum required liability only coverage but this doesn’t necessarily make full coverage auto insurance premiums in this state expensive. It is still fairly cheap in comparison to the costs in other states.

Cheap Auto Insurers in Iowa

You can have a long and clean record, own a safe car, have a great credit history and still pay a lot more than an average driver who always shops for the best deals and compares quotes. If you haven’t checked for alternative quotes for a while and compared prices, you are likely to save money on premiums and below most affordable companies can help.

  1. Partners Mutual, $419
  2. IMT Insurance, $439
  3. Western National, $633

Car insurance rates are not far off from each other and the state average in most cities here. The exceptions are Sioux City, Council Bluffs and Maquoketa, where prices are about 20% higher. Iowa city has the cheapest and Des Moines rates are close to the state average. That means companies are equally happy about the risks and offer good deals across. This is a very rare thing and in some places prices can double once you move to a large city.