Tennessee Auto Insurance Prices & Rules

Tennessee car insurance rates are generally lower than the national average, both for liability-only and full coverage policies. However, the state faces a significant issue with uninsured drivers, with a high ratio of 23.7%, which is one of the highest in the United States. As a result, having Uninsured Motorist coverage becomes a priority in the Volunteer State to be protected against potential accidents involving uninsured drivers. Tennesseans enjoy a fairly low cost of living and nearly one car per head. So, motorists may be able to save money with multi-car insurance policies here.

Tennessee Automobile Insurance Rules

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Here are the basic requirements;

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
  • $50,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident.
  • $15,000 for property damage. 

The Volunteer State bans texting while your vehicle is moving. So wait until you arrive at your destination and don’t get a ticket for texting while driving.

Tennessee also prohibits leaving a child unattended in a vehicle.

There is a $300 fine and a license and vehicle registration suspension if you are caught driving without insurance in Tennessee. These figures can be checked on the official website.

Uninsured Motorist coverage pays for your and your passengers’ injuries and damages up to liability limits if you are hit by a car with no insurance. This is probably the first addition you should have because nearly 1/4 of 4.6 million licensed Tennessean drivers don’t have any insurance.

Car Insurance Costs in Tennessee

Despite the above discussed negative factors, finding cheap policies remains to be easier in comparison with many other states. Still particularly high premiums in cities may be the catalyst behind very low policy purchase ratios.

The average cost of minimum liability auto insurance is $371 in Tennessee and it is $251 cheaper than the US average. Also the average premium for full coverage is reasonably priced at $1,429. Again, it is $585 cheaper than the national average. However, there are big premium differences among zip codes and you may have to spend a lot more in cities like Memphis and Nashville.

Affordable Car Insurance Companies in Tennessee

If you’re not insured with one of the lowest priced companies, you might be paying significantly more than the low rates mentioned earlier. Here is a list of providers that are known for offering affordable basic liability coverage in Tennessee, potentially helping you save money:

  1. GEICO
  2. Utica National
  3. Auto-Owners

Also, premiums would be affected by zip codes. The risks involved with living and driving in a sleepy town are different from risks in large cities. These additional exposures will be well reflected on the quotes.

Automobile Insurance in Memphis TN

With approximately 660,000 residents, Memphis is not only one of Tennessee’s largest cities but also a place that has inspired countless songs. As the hometown of Elvis Presley, it holds a special place in musical history. However, Memphis also has a reputation for being a city with high crime rates. Consequently, it bears the highest insurance premiums in the state. On average, a typical car insurance policyholder in Memphis pays about one-third more than the state average. Moreover, drivers in Downtown Memphis may face even higher costs due to increased risks associated with specific zip codes. If you’re seeking competitive quotes in Memphis, it’s advisable to begin by obtaining quotes from the aforementioned carriers, while also considering additional options to compare and find the best rates.

Vehicle Insurance in Nashville TN

Nashville, the state capital of Tennessee, is a significant city with approximately 650,000 residents, trailing closely behind Memphis. While renowned for its rich musical heritage and The Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville isn’t typically associated with high insurance premiums. However, residents may encounter challenges in obtaining affordable rates in some parts of the city due to higher crimes in certain zip codes. Despite this, the average cost of auto insurance in Nashville remains only slightly higher than the state average, making it relatively affordable. By finding the most suitable insurance carrier offering the best value, drivers can potentially secure even more affordable rates.

Renewing your auto insurance policy year after year might seem convenient, but studies indicate that it is not necessarily the most advantageous or cost-effective approach. A more beneficial method involves exploring potential vehicle insurance discounts that you may qualify for and ensuring that you maximize the savings associated with each one. It’s worth noting that different insurance companies offer varying percentage reductions for each qualification, so it’s essential to seek out the highest available discounts for your specific circumstances.