Auto Insurance without Drivers License

You need to meet certain criteria to be able to purchase a policy. You need it to drive but you may not need a license to get vehicle insurance, providing you have a good reason for wanting the coverage. There may be circumstances that justify it when you cannot drive because you are legally prohibited. We will have a look at the topic from various angles and try to examine possible concerns, outcomes and clarifications.

You cannot take a vehicle on public roads without driver permit and insurance, according to state laws. If you aren’t allowed to drive it you couldn’t and wouldn’t have a policy for that purpose but to protect it. Otherwise, you would be breaking the laws.

It is easy to assume that you will hit the road if you have a car. However, there are so many of them that are collecting dust in some private lot or garage. Also, there are other people you may rely on or even employ for this task. Let’s have a look at various scenarios to appreciate the position better. We will have a look at possible solutions and the conditions attached to them now.

Car Insurance without Driver’s License

Normally, underwriters wouldn’t knowingly sell a policy to someone who isn’t legally permitted to operate a vehicle. That would be too much risk since usually there is a reason why someone lose his/her permit and it is even worse if the person never passed the test.

If you already own a vehicle and cannot operate it you may still be able to arrange no license auto insurance for it under special circumstances and conditions. Otherwise, you may have to take it off the roads and store in a private property. You may also have to return the vehicle registration number back to a local DMV office.

It is up to owners to make sure that motor vehicles are properly covered before they are taken on public roads. Most states wouldn’t register a vehicle without a policy covering it that makes things even more complicated. It is not difficult to see that there has to be some sort of a solution to break out of this catch-22 situation.

Exceptional Circumstances for Car Insurance with No License

Indeed, there are special situations that allow you to buy coverage with no licence. Say you don’t have it because of disability, illness or old age and own a vehicle. You may still be able to insure it to be used on the roads, providing you list a primary driver and show that you will never be operating it yourself.

In this case, it is logical to facilitate someone who wants to be transported by his own automobile. Even though people may not be able get behind the steering wheel they can get a relative, friend or partner to take them around. Another perfect example is to facilitate someone else in a household. For example, a grandparent may want to allow his/her grandchildren to use his car and pay the premiums even though he/she isn’t allowed or cannot. There is always a possibility of employing a chauffeur as well.

An underwriter may be convinced to offer favorable terms if the owner cannot really operate the vehicle. All the other factors being agreeable and the person who will use the car has a decent record they may not have to pay high premiums. However, they may still charge for the risk of the policyholder taking control of the vehicle if the person is able but prohibited, instead of inability.

Automobile Insurance with Suspended License

You may be able to arrange coverage if the suspension is over shortly. Most authorities require proof before they can re-instate it, especially if the penalty was due to being caught without a liability policy. Also, they would want to see SR-22 financial responsibility certificate when coming out of a suspension. In such cases, it is understandable that you need to purchase a policy first and get it back with it.

Auto Insurance for Unlicensed Drivers

If you only want fire and theft protection there is no reason they cannot sell it to you. If you are keeping the car as an asset and to use after the suspension is over you may want to deal with possible fire damages and theft in the meantime. Obviously, it would come with special conditions that the automobile cannot be taken for a spin. That would make sense since some states would want the vehicle registration plates back as well from the suspended owner.

Do You Need a Driver License to Get Car Insurance?

It would be near impossible for someone who has never passed the test to get coverage. If you have special circumstances you should talk to brokers to see if anything can be done. It doesn’t even make sense when you are clearly not in a position to use it for the obvious reason.

Most of them will check the eligibility of the person who will use the vehicle. It is the responsibility of the owner to arrange public liability cover in most states. So, there may be arrangements in which it would be al right for someone else to operate the car and therefore al right for the owner to insure it, even though he/she cannot drive.

This would require clear understanding of circumstances by both sides. And there would be several endorsements on such policies clarifying the conditions attached to it. It may be best to talk to them to get accurate quotes. You can try to get them online from the carriers on our panel or you can call them. Their numbers will be listed on our site. Remember that this is a type of coverage that requires careful construction and full understanding of the circumstances relating to the policyholder, vehicle and listed drivers.

This post teaches us that there isn’t only one way of arranging things and carriers can be quite flexible at times. No matter how difficult or complicated the situation is usually there is a sensible solution for it. as we witnessed above, the initial response may be negative. Then, you may have to consider it again and represent it the way they will see the position clearly and understand what you want to achieve with it. So, keep trying.