How to Find the Best Auto Insurer for You in the US

Essentially, you find the best auto insurer when the company’s risk preferences match with your risk profile in order to get the largest discounts, which would allow you to afford the coverage you need comfortably. Once this happens, all you need to make sure is that the company is good enough. Even if it isn’t the best in your zip code, it is the best provider for you.

Motorists have tens of great car insurance companies to choose from in each state. However, each provider has their priorities and therefore they can be a great choice for some drivers while they may offer expensive quotes for others, even deliberately at times. So vehicle owners need to find the one they are comfortable with in terms of reliability, policy coverage on offer and price.

Nobody willingly pays higher prices when they can find a better deal. Yet, various studies suggest that many policyholders pay very expensive auto insurance rates for years and they don’t even feel the need to check if they can get out of it. The main problem is that they worry about making it worse by choosing a vehicle insurer with a suspect reputation just because they are offering cheaper quotes.

Here are the ways of making sure motorists can find the best car insurance companies for their circumstances without paying high premiums or cutting corners in coverage.

Is the Price Right?

There is no other way of making sure the price is right except getting a few automobile insurance quotes. This is always the first step because people first need to check if they can afford a policy before they can look further. There is no point in knowing how great a certain vehicle insurer is when you know they are out of your budget. On the other hand, you would want to know about a company that offered you the lowest quote, even if you have never heard of their names.

This is also the first point of contact with companies. For example, people may start with a comparison website to check prices and compare companies. They come across many names. They know some and they have no idea such companies existed in other cases. If the best quote is offered by one of the brands they know they can happily take it. If it is a provider they don’t know they need to check it out. They may end up loving the carrier after finding out a bit about them.

You have plenty of choices to be worried about dumping one or two expensive car insurers right at the start because of high quotations. The price difference would be a lot more visible when you don’t have a clean record and claim history. Well-known vehicle insurance companies are known to prefer good drivers and offer much higher rates to bad ones. If you really want to be protected by one of them you may want to clean up your act in the next year to be eligible again. So, don’t waste time and move down the list.

Hopefully, quotes will not be all over the place and confuse you. What you should be aiming for is to get a few that are in your price bracket and line up nicely, only a few hundred dollars separating them. Then, you know it is time to move on to the next step.

Is the Coverage Good?

Providers' logosIf you gave them the exact same details, the policies on offer should be similar to each other. Still, you should check that everything you need is provided for and there aren’t any heavy conditions attached to some of the cheap car insurance quotes. In the same way, note if there are several extras offered as well as what is requested. For example, free accident forgiveness and rental reimbursement coverage would be nice. They hope that people will notice and that is why underwriters like to throw in one or two freebies there. See if you can pick them up.

Can You Trust the Brand?

If you have about three similar quotes with the right level of coverage you are in a perfect position to choose. Therefore, you should keep checking until you are in this position or fully satisfied with at least one of them. It is natural that one or two names will pop at you. US auto insurance carriers are big at promoting their brands on TV, media and online that you are bound to be familiar with some of the names.

However, you may have reservations about the type you want to be associated with. State Farm, Allstate, Progressive, GEICO, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Travellers are some of the largest US car insurance companies. Esurance, Safe Auto, Auto-Owners, USAA and a few others may be preferred because of the unique benefits they offer. There are too many to list here.

Every motorist would have an idea as to which are the most reliable in their opinion. Size is usually one of the criteria in company comparison. Larger ones generally have nationwide presence. Also you may have a gem of a find if you are looking for a local one that helps the economy where you live. It is your money and you should have a say about who gets it.

What People Say?

Another good way of finding out about the best automobile insurers is to look at what other people say about them. If you are using an independent broker he/she would be able to enlighten you about them. You can ask around and try to find out if people have good or bad experiences with any particular name.

Furthermore, you can check online to find reviews and reports on them. AM Best, Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s offer financial ratings on mainly the largest carriers. You have to keep in mind that they only rate larger ones and therefore not seeing a name rated by them doesn’t mean the firm is not financially sound.

One of the effective ways of comparing vehicle insurers is to find reviews and look at their claim history. The state insurance department publishes the complaints received on them. Again, larger ones are more likely to receive more complaints due to the number of policies sold. What you should be looking for is the number of complaints per 1000 customers. That is usually how the reports are presented.

Regularly various websites publish customer satisfaction reports that are great to judge. Quite often you will find one or two surprises on top of the customer satisfaction ratings charts. Pay attention to who rates car insurance providers and what they are based on. Independent reports are valuable sources of information compared to advertisements.

What Do You Think?

Personal circumstances and preferences should always be taken into account. You are likely to make a different decision when money is no issue compared to someone who is already struggling to pay the cheapest premiums. However, you shouldn’t be scared of wanting a good level of coverage thinking that the price will be too high. You would be surprised to see that the premium gap between a great policy and basic one is not as wide as you think. And you may be further surprised to see that one of the leading auto insurers offer you the cheapest rates.

A common problem people have when purchasing coverage online is that they don’t look at their options carefully. Large number of policyholders are happier to stay put with the ones they know instead of venturing to find cheaper, better and more reliable alternatives. That would be a mistake to make that hurts your wallet. Most experts would tell you that you should always shop around before buying or renewing a policy.