Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes Online – 10 Exposés

The internet is where people look when they want to shop for the best and cheapest products and services today. Many policyholders have already realized how quickly they can find cheap car insurance quotes online and save money. There are so many different insurers and policies to go through that you need a system to sort it all out real quick.

You don’t need to go through hard times to understand that you must save money wherever you can and use your cash wisely. There is no sense in being carefree with the way you spend and be wasteful. There are always alternative uses for the dollars that are wasted because of disorganized shopping.

You need to know a little bit more about quotations and insurers to appreciate or be comfortable with them. Here are ten points to consider when you are looking for lower premiums.

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  1. Get Affordable Quotes Online without Compromise on Coverage

There is often a confusion between getting the same policy cheaper and getting a cheaper policy. They are two different things entirely. The idea is to look around for more competitive car insurers who are happy to sell you the same or better coverage at a lower price.

Reducing costs by reducing coverage should be your last resort when the cheapest auto insurance quotes online isn’t cheap enough for your budget yet. Even then you should try to maintain decent liability coverage and don’t drop collision and comprehensive covers, unless you can handle a total loss of your vehicle because it isn’t worth much anyway.

Policyholders are often told by their current insurer or broker that they may not be sufficiently protected if they go with the more affordable options. This is generally a scare tactic used by less competitive insurers rather than being the truth. If you stick to a plan you shouldn’t lose out on coverage.

  1. Higher Premiums Don’t Guarantee Better Policies or Insurers

This is a huge misconception among motorists. They believe that more expensive policies must be better while the low-priced ones are probably riddled with many shortcomings. Expensive insurers are not necessarily the most reliable ones. In some cases, the most successful looking insurers in the eyes of the motorists may be the ones who spent the most money on advertising.

There isn’t a clear connection between the price of a policy and its quality. If you don’t believe us, just pick the 3 largest auto insurance companies in the US and get quotes from them. You will see how much the quotes will be different from each other.

You are trying to expose the price difference and find the most competitive insurer for the same coverage by shopping for competitive automobile insurance online. That is all you do. 

You can be insured by one of the best carriers in the country and yet pay a highly competitive premium. Here are some of the cheapest car insurance companies in your zip code. You can see that there are pretty big names in there rather than mostly unknown brands as some would worry. Seek to get the best of both worlds rather than quick compromises.

  1. You Must Get a few Discounts & Avoid Surcharges

If you want to get the lowest-priced car insurance you need to make the most of discounts and avoid surcharges. Discounts work to reduce your premium while surcharges work to increase it. For example, you get discounts for having no claim and a surcharge if you have traffic convictions. Having traffic conviction increases the premium while making no claim reduces it. So, you should try to get all the savings offered and avoid all the penalties.

  1. Every Little Helps

You need to understand that getting great rates is not achieved by getting just one thing right in most cases. You need to mind the way you drive, live in a nicer neighborhood, have a safe automobile to insure and avoid claims. In addition, you should be looking for many other ways of saving money. Some of these are driving low mileage, having a secure overnight parking, taking a defensive driving course, paying the premium upfront, getting a discount using your recovery service membership (like AAA) and taking advantage of discounts that comes with your profession or membership of certain associations.

In other words, your low premium is the result of accumulation of every little savings you manage to get and every little penalties and surcharges you avoid.

  1. Quotes Vary Because Every Insurer Is Different and Sets Own Rates

Another harmful myth among motorists is that they believe vehicle insurance rates are controlled by their state insurance commissioner. This is far from the truth as commissioners are mainly concerned with the legality of the practices. They make sure that companies don’t discriminate and break the law while they are pricing their policies.

Every company is free to determine how much to charge for each risk category and you cannot think any other way in a free market economy. There can be huge differences between quotations that it is a silly mistake to get one quote and go with it, especially when you can obtain quotes online in no time.

  1. Full Coverage Policies Can be Cheaper than Liability Only

Again, people may think that they will pay the lowest premium if they buy the minimum legally required coverage. However, there are a few great policy packages marketed today by some companies. These plans can be cheaper than liability only policies offered by either the same company or a close rival.

Never assume anything and just get some quotes online for varies types of policies and from a few different providers. What you have known or believed to be true can be far from the current facts. It only takes a few minutes of your time to find out.

  1. Using Comparison Websites & Buying Direct Can Save

There is no disguising that companies are trying to go online more and more these days. There are some companies that sell their products exclusively on the internet. One of the main reasons for this move towards online operation is the fact that having offices and paying for staff cost a lot of money.

It is important to know at this point that you can use a comparison website like this one and still get direct auto insurance quotes online. Most comparison websites are there to help you find the best prices as quickly as possible. You will see that they clearly show you the possible savings and who offers them. You even get a nice link to the original source so that you can go over there with one click and buy the desired product or service.

It may be easier and more assuring to buy your policies through a broker. There is nothing wrong with that if it is your choice. However, you should know that this may cost you more money as going direct may be cheaper. Those brokers and agents have got to be paid and the money comes out of end users directly or indirectly.

  1. Loyalty Can Cost You Money

Loyalty is one of those underappreciated traits these days. You may think that your insurer appreciates your loyalty but this is not usually the case. There is no evidence that a loyal customer will be treated better when they have a claim. But there are a few studies that show loyal policyholders lose out on savings big time.

There are many cases where auto insurers keep the same rates for loyal customers even though they offer better rates for the new ones. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to do comparison shopping at least once a year to make sure you are not losing out on all the savings you qualify or all the extra coverage you can get free.

  1. Always Compare Quotes Online from Different Companies

As we discussed above consumers are better off when they compare prices, products and producers. And when you are getting quotes on the same bases it will be easier to compare apples with apples that you won’t make the mistake of buying something inferior. You are highly advised to do a automobile insurance quotes comparison online before even thinking about buying from a particular company.

    10. Don’t Lie to Get Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

You should forget about lying when you are providing your details. This would be too much of a risk to take as you are likely to be found out in the most unfortunate moment. You may think that you got away with it until the day you have a large claim and your carrier decides to go through your answers with a fine comb. In such cases, the least that happens is you are made to pay back all the savings you got by lying. There is also a chance that your claim may be declined base on the fact that you lied. It is not worth it since you have many other ways of finding affordable polices.

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