The 10 Cheapest to Insure Automobiles

Insurance rates are significantly influenced by make and model of the car and therefore choosing a certain vehicle would mean getting lower quotes or paying higher premiums as long as it is kept. Motorists may not be expected to switch their preferences totally from SUVs to family sedans because of insurance costs. Nevertheless, they can look at similar automobiles in the classes they prefer and see if they could make slight adjustments to ensure paying lower premiums for years.

There are only a few details that can make a huge difference to vehicle insurance costs and they are; the listed drivers, their claim and traffic history, zip code and the vehicle insured, which becomes more significant depending on the age and experience of the driver.

For example, a good and experienced driver with excellent credit score may have to pay a few hundred dollars more when the automobile is changed from a low insurance rating one to a higher rating make and model. On the other hand, the additional costs can be as much as a thousand dollars or more with a similar change but for a younger driver with no experience and lower credit score.

The same principles apply for higher risk drivers as well. Therefore, motorists need to be extra careful with their car choices when they are already considered high risk with their current details. In such cases, buying a cheaper to insure auto may be a strategic move to get more affordable insurance premiums.

The ranges of vehicles are so wide from compact to sedan to minivan and SUV. There are literally thousands of models from dozens of automakers. Therefore, the easiest thing to do may be to get a few quotations and find out exactly how much you would pay. This is easily achievable if you could get the details of the automobile you are interested in and find a comparison website to get fast quotes.


It is time to have a look at the list. According to data, here are the automobiles with lowest insurance rates on average;

  1. Jeep Wrangler Sport 4WD –        $1,134
  2. Jeep Patriot Sport 2WD –             $1,136
  3. Honda CR-V LX 4WD –                  $1,160
  4. Dodge Grand Caravan SEPlus –  $1,162
  5. Honda Odyssey LX –                      $1,163
  6. Jeep Compass Sport 2WD –          $1,164
  7. Subaru Outback 2.5i AWD –         $1,176
  8. Ford Edge SE 2WD –                        $1,176
  9. Smart Fortwo Pure Coupe –          $1,186
  10. Ford Escape S 2WD –                       $1,190

It is a surprise that Jeep Wrangler Sport tops the list and two other jeeps, Patriot Sport and Compass Sport, are in the top 10 list. It is probably a lot to do with who is driving these cars. When they are mostly used by responsible, cautions, established mums and dads it is no surprise that they don’t have many accidents and hence have low rates.

The list appears to be dominated by off-roads, crossovers and minivans. They seem to take over trusted family sedans. However, the top 10 list is only a tiny cut of the picture. This doesn’t mean that other sensible cars like many well-known sedans aren’t going to get you the best insurance deals. There are plenty of cars that will deliver you handsome savings because of their safety features, engine sizes, reliability, budget parts, crash and injury records.

One thing you need to remember is that these auto insurance premiums listed above are average. Things like where you live and how good a driver you are will affect the quotes you receive. Also, seeking out the most competitive company will help you a lot in finding affordable rates.

Furthermore, the list would change completely if it was prepared with a teenage driver in mind. They are usually served a lot better with smaller automobiles with fairly small engines as they take off fairly slowly and cannot really speed much. So, always start with who is going to drive and look for cheaper to insure make and models for that group of drivers.