Direct Auto Insurance Quotes through Comparison Sites

Many people may think that they will get an advantage or additional discounts if they get direct car insurance quotes. This may be true with few automobile insurers. This is what some companies advocate and promise to do. Technically, they should be cheaper because they don’t have to pay middlemen when they sell policies without an agent.

What if the only company you went for a quote is one of the most expensive companies to start with that getting 10% discounts from them will never make them competitive? What if this company cannot work with independent brokers because brokers will never recommend their products for being expensive or not liking the company at all? This is the problem with dealing direct especially with only one insurer because you only hear their side of the story.

That is why it is best to know your alternatives before you contact any company for quotation. Otherwise, you will leave yourself open to being cornered by well-trained agents. You cannot believe how often people walk in to check prices and end up leaving with an unintended purchase. Comparison sites can help you to get over this disadvantage.

How Can Car Insurance Comparison Websites Help You?

These sites are set up to show various options open to you. A good online platform doesn’t stand as barrier but works openly. That is why you need to choose the right website to compare rates and terms. They can offer following advantages.

  1. It is the fastest way of knowing what policies and prices are available right now. They document all the policy options in a given zip code. They can bring most of the providers together in one place.
  2. Comparison sites, like this one, allow you to choose the insurer and go to their official website from within. This means that you can get direct auto insurance quotes from multiple companies pretty quickly rather than one company.
  3. They are set up to react to a query almost instantly that reduces your research time significantly. You don’t need to try hard to find the most economical car insurance companies operating in your state one by one.
  4. They don’t cost you anything, as they offer free quotes comparison no matter how many quotations you get. Typically, companies pay negligible referral fees to these sites that doesn’t force them increase prices for applicants coming from these sources. In other words, you would be treated just like someone who approached them directly.
  5. Potentially, they can save you huge amount of time and money. You would have the full benefits of both worlds. You would be able to check rates from most carriers effortlessly and still be considered as direct vehicle insurance customer by them. Remember that these sites are not agents but facilitators who wouldn’t receive commissions from sales and renewals.

Concerns with Getting One Direct Automobile Insurance Quote Only

There are several companies who are advocating sales without middlemen. However, it is questionable why they would rather you came straight to them, instead of coming through an independent broker or other intermediary. Are they really trying to cut costs by cutting the middleman as they claim? Or are they trying to make sure that they are the only people who could influence your choices? Here are some of the problems with getting direct car insurance quotes before checking prices independently or without an independent agent.

  1. The information would be coming from one possibly biased source. They train their sales forces to sell their own products. Those agents wouldn’t probably have a clue what the competitors offer.
  2. They would want to wrap the deal up as quickly as possible so that the customer has very little time to think about the offer or look elsewhere. You may think that you are able to speak for yourself. Nonetheless, many people are put on the spot to make a fast decision and end up regretting it later.
  3. Limited exposure hardly ever works in favor of consumers. There are hundreds of companies varying in size, efficiency and competitiveness. Why would you want to let yourself cornered by one carrier?
  4. Independent brokers and auto insurance comparison sites offer valuable services to shoppers. They normally don’t care which company you choose at the end. Therefore, they don’t need to try hard to sell one particular policy.
  5. It is always a good idea to be open to alternatives. You should check prices and cover and try to make a smart decision based on unbiased information.

It would be appealing to hear all the discounts a particular company offers. You would be tempted to agree with them and make the purchase. You may even convince yourself that you did a good job by grabbing the savings while they are available. Also, you would be happy that it didn’t take long.

However, most deals would still be there tomorrow as well. Besides, other vehicle insurers may offer better coverage and cheaper premiums. Furthermore, it doesn’t really take that long to compare auto insurance quotes online. You can have your cake and eat it too if you take your time to do your homework.

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