Distracted Driving Issues, Tips and Resources

Nobody likes to end up in a vehicle accident if they can avoid. They can lead to serious injuries, loss of automobile for some time due to repairs or total loss and increased car insurance rates. You need to deal with distractions while driving as best as you can to avoid these incidents and consequences. We have too many of interferences and it would help if we were aware of them. Here are some of them and how you can stop being affected by them.

Texting While Driving

For some reason people may think that texting is an issue for mainly teenagers. Unfortunately, recent surveys revealed that most people admit texting at least once while driving within the last month. It is a bigger issue than people realize and currently there are efforts to stop texting behind the steering wheel lead by government, local authorities and other organizations.

Constantly beeping cell phones are quite an annoyance even when you are trying to concentrate on work. Some of us cannot resist the urges to check these messages as soon as they arrive and then you have the urges to reply to them. It becomes like a baby who needs constant attention if you let it. If you are one of those people who must check messages and reply to them immediately, you may have to turn the phone off before you start. If you are forgetful you can download an app that will turn it off as soon as it detects a car movement. Sometimes, you need to nip it in the bud to control it.

Children and Pets

distracted driversSome children love the cars and enjoy the ride but others can be bored and nuisance to parents, grandparents and carers. How to behave in cars should be part of children’s or pet’s training. You should try to make them as comfortable as possible so that they don’t get bored and seek attention. Also, you should learn to deal with complaints and don’t get snappy with them. If you have to deal with a dropped toy or a crying baby you should pull over in a safe place.

Backseat Drivers

Adults can be real problem as well, especially a spouse or parent. Surveys show that most people complain about their spouses interfering with the way they drive. It may be because they are concerned or even not feeling safe. You may need to accommodate concerns and show them that you are taking care. What you don’t want to do is to get into a heated argument about it.

When you are a passenger sitting at the back or front seat you should remember how annoying it could be to criticize. Parents can be a real pain for teen drivers with all the best intentions. You have to give them some credit. If you want to be helpful you should warn them well in advance instead of shouting right before the turning.

Eating, Drinking or Smoking

Imagine eating burgers and dropping ketchup all over clothes or drinking hot coffee and spilling it while you are operating a motor vehicle. It is an invitation for a crash and it only takes a few seconds taking eyes off the road while dealing with something else. Surely, you can wait until you stop or take a few minutes to finish food before starting.


People have weird phobias. For example, a few motorists are scared of large trucks and cannot stand trailing behind or going on the side of them. This may lead to irrational behavior like moving onto the middle lane and blocking other motorists who are travelling much faster than you. You should try to get over them or talk to someone about it.

Advertising Boards and Car Stickers

You really don’t need to read every single one of them. It is not funny when you think about how many people go right up to the auto in front to read the sticker at the rear of it. If you want to read funny car stickers you can find thousands of them online and read in your leisure time. If you are looking for a hotel late at night checking satellite navigation is probably a better option than trying to see an advertising board for a hotel.

 Accidents and Auto Insurance Premiums

You may think that you had a small fender bender and it shouldn’t affect the premium much. However, a small incident is a sign for vehicle insurers that a bigger accident is on the way to happen. Actually, two small fender benders can increase rates a lot more than one large claim. You would do well if you could avoid them all together and being calmer and careful will help you on that aspect.

If you want to have cheap automobile insurance costs this site is full of helpful articles. There are hundreds of posts dealing with different situations. For example, you may have just had an accident and premium increase as a result. You can still find discounts based on credit history, education, home ownership, membership to certain associations including AAA and many other ways. You should check the site out.


We all do silly things that we are not proud of but we can correct them. We need to look at our behaviors and evaluate them in order to correct. If you have been getting criticism, tickets or near misses recently it may be time to have a look at what you are doing wrong. If you feel you need help there are one day safe driving courses all across the country to join. You should check them out. They don’t cost more than couple of hundred dollars and you may be able to get more auto insurance discounts than this amount after completing the course anyway.

Remember that you are not only responsible for your life when you are driving. There may be family members, friends and other loved ones in it with you. If you cause an accident they are likely to get injured. Furthermore, you may cause injuries and damages to other people as well. So, you should find a way to deal with distractions when you are behind a steering wheel.

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