Do Auto Insurance Companies Snoop around Social Media?

There are drivers who shares everything on Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts and quite opinionated about speeding and street racing. They think it is cool to brag about how fast they have been driving. They probably don’t know that car insurance companies are known to snoop around people’s accounts?

There has been extreme cases on the news. So many people got caught lying. For example, someone making serious injury claims has posted recent pictures showing he is skiing in the mountains. People may think their messages are safe or nobody will look but they are wrong. Auto Insurance Claims Adjuster’s and investigators will use every means to their disposal especially if they suspect something a foul play.

If you don’t want others to find out you shouldn’t share. When you put information online it is there forever and can be seen by people you didn’t mean to show. Always be cautious when you are laying your life bare. If you really want to you may have to look for ways of locking it up and only allowing friends and family.

Bragging about certain things are not smart. For example, admitting to breaking speed limits on your social media profile can be taken as admittance to crime. For example, a motorist was jailed for drunk driving after Facebook post. When you are not suspected of any wrong doing people may not be interested in your activities. However, when you are under scrutiny you will see people snooping around.

These days the Internet sources are taken more seriously and you cannot get away with it by saying you weren’t serious or the account has been hacked and someone else put it there. Many people tried this tactic and failed to convince anyone. Everyone’s profile is password protected and usually geo stamped. So, specialists can easily follow the trail.

Also, it is hard to defend against it when you offer the information willingly. Prosecutors, insurers and anyone else can use it against you. Thinking that it is a playground where everything goes is a silly idea. Authorities will catch up to the technology sooner or later and use it to catch offenders.

There has to be a limit to sharing. There is certainly no limit to responsibility. Also, many people think that they can say anything they like online but it isn’t the case anymore and you are liable for the words. Others can and do sue for the social media posts and offenders get found and jailed when they break the law.