Do I Have to Change my Car Insurer when Moving to a New State?

People move across state lines for many reasons like starting a new job and that may mean many adjustments in life including auto insurance since each of them has own regulations to comply with. However, you may be happy with the current carrier and wondering if they would be available there again.

First of all, they need to be licensed to sell policies there too for you to be able to consider them again. There are a few automobile insurers that operate in all 50 states. Regardless of staying with the same company or not, the policy will have to be changed. The old one will have to be cancelled and you need to buy another that complies with new requirements.

Sometimes you may have a few days to get your affairs in order and switch. You may even have enough time to let the old expire and start with the new. But they can be very strict and demand that you move the vehicle registration and insurance as soon as you move the residential address. It isn’t hard to find the exact position online or by asking agents.

Even the current carrier is licensed in there and offers a nice switch by cancelling the old policy and starting a new one, you must get alternative vehicle insurance quotes. It is not really difficult to arrange those things and certainly not enough reason to try to stick with them.

When particulars on proposal forms are altered you are likely to get totally different premium offers. Another state means whole lot of different factors, including zip code. So, you should forget the things you know previously and start the shopping all over with no assumptions. First you should see the results of the searches.  

They may have been the most competitive in the previous address. But it doesn’t mean that they can be equally good anywhere in the country. Some of them aren’t happy with certain state regulations and demand more money to do business in that particular area. Or competition in this market may be fiercer.

Motorists are likely to lose out when they have strict preferences like in this case. That means that you are willingly limiting the options to only one and this doesn’t usually help you in any way. The best thing to do is to get a few quotes. You can actually get a few of them right here. Then, compare them for coverage and price to make an informed decision.

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