Do I Have to Change my Car Insurer When I Move to a New State?

Question: I am considering a new job out of state. I know there will be a lot of changes. I know every state have their own insurance regulations. Do I have to change my car insurance company as well when I moved to a new state?

Answer: The answer depends on if your current insurer is licensed in your new state or not, first of all. There are a few top car insurance companies that operate in all 50 states. If they are you should get a quote from them as well if you were happy with their services. Your policy will have to be changed. Your old one will have to be cancelled and you need to buy a new policy that complies with your new state requirements.

Sometimes you may have a few days to do the switch if your new state allows you time to make the switch. Some states give you enough time to even let the old policy expire and you start a new one. But some states can be very strict and demand that you move your vehicle registration and insurance to your new state almost immediately as soon as you move your residential address. Once you completed your move it make more sense to do away with the old policy and get a new one.

Even your current insurer is licensed in the new state as well and they offer a nice switch by canceling the old policy and starting a new one, you must get alternative vehicle insurance quotes. Your current insurer may have been the most competitive in your old address. It doesn’t mean that they can be competitive anywhere in the country. Some companies are not happy with certain state regulations and demand more money to do business in that particular state. Or competition in the new state may be fiercer.

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