Do I Have to Own All the Vehicles to Buy Multi-car Insurance?

Question: When I marry with my partner, can I buy a multi-car policy for both of our cars? Does it matter that each of us own the cars we drive separately?

Answers: Practices vary but I believe you don’t have to wait until you marry to get savings on auto insurance. As long as you are living in the same house and in a committed relationship you can ask for discounts for placing both policies with the same company. There is possibility of buying a multi-car policy if it works better for you. Some companies insist on marriage or civil partnership before they give “married driver” discounts or issue a multi-car policy, some don’t. In some states only the registered owner can buy vehicle insurance. In such cases you may be able to buy a joint policy.

Here is a great article about buying joint auto insurance policies, complications, problems and other issues you come up against as an unmarried couple or married. Especially read the part about the legal position. Apparently, you can be sued for damages that is caused by another driver in a joint policy. Talking to a licensed broker may be necessary to understand ins and outs of each arrangement you are considering.

Sometimes a solution may look to be obvious but you may not like its implications. It is important to make sure automobile insurance policies you buy fits your circumstances, lifestyle and preferences. This approach helps you in deciding the type of policy you like when you are in a relationship. Adding a partner on your car insurance policy or buying policies together are possible in many ways.

Also, there may be legal requirements like having an insurable interest on a vehicle before you can insure it under your name or jointly. So, it may be necessary to look into these things before you buy an automobile. Take your time to consider all your options and their legal consequences in order to make a solid decision.

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