Do I Need Insurance to Get my Car Towed?

Automobiles are typically towed when they are in non-working condition, needing transport to a repair shop or storage facility. Importantly, getting your vehicle towed does not usually require auto insurance because the vehicle is not actively being driven on the road. In most cases, liability claims against you are unlikely when your car is in the custody of a towing operator. However, it is advisable to confirm if the towing company has adequate insurance coverage to address any potential damages to your vehicle, especially if it holds significant value.

Typically, when your automobile is being towed, the responsibility for liability claims in the event of an accident rests with the vehicle towing your automobile and its driver. However, it’s important to distinguish between liability claims and damages to your own vehicle. A reputable towing company often carries insurance to cover damages resulting from their mistakes or negligence. Still, they may not be held responsible for damages that are beyond their control. For instance, they may not cover the cost of repairing a broken windshield caused by a loose stone on the road.

Owners of broken-down or not driven vehicles should consider a few important factors. To avoid potential issues with authorities regarding insurance requirements, it’s advisable to keep their automobiles on private property. When vehicles are left on public roads, they typically require liability coverage to comply with legal regulations. However, when vehicles are stored on private land or in storage facilities, these insurance requirements generally do not apply. It’s essential to be aware of local laws and regulations, as these requirements can vary by jurisdiction.

Vehicle owners who have previously canceled insurance on an inoperable vehicle and have followed the necessary procedures, such as returning the license plates to the DMV, may be considering getting the vehicle repaired for future use. In this situation, it often makes sense to wait until the vehicle is fully operational before arranging insurance coverage. During this period when the vehicle is not actively in use and is being transported between private locations, it is generally acceptable to have it towed without insurance coverage for road use.

There are various legitimate reasons why individuals may need to have their automobile towed without having purchased insurance coverage yet. For instance, the vehicle may not be operational or may not have received registration. These are acceptable reasons for temporarily not having the legally required liability coverage while the vehicle is in the process of being towed.

However, authorities may take issue with towing a vehicle in perfect working order to circumnavigate the need to buy liability coverage, depending on circumstances and state rules. Also, unusual towing practices may create their own issues. In any case, driving the vehicle without insurance is illegal.

When motorists decide to buy auto insurance, they may want to consider adding towing coverage as well for the next time. Many insurers offer roadside assistance coverage that include towing as well. If you are broken down on the road and need towing, you can call roadside assistance and they will take the vehicle to the nearest garage or service station within a certain mileage radius.

Motorists also can buy roadside recovery services from independent providers and they usually provide wider coverage and they may even try to fix the vehicle there and then if it is a simple electrical connection issue or a loose cable or pipe somewhere. Both services provide emergency jump start too, if it is all it needs.

The advantages of buying roadside assistance with towing from insurance is that you don’t need to contact another company and have another contract. Besides, it is usually much cheaper than having a membership with companies like AAA. The downside is that independent companies offer several levels of service to choose from while the insurers offer limited service.

Normally, both the insurer provided and independent towing services won’t help in taking a vehicle in a yard to a different location even if you sign up with them now. Typically, they only cover emergency breakdowns and accidents and not by choice towing. Besides, you need to buy car insurance to be able to add roadside assistance to your policy.