Cheaper Car Insurance for Women

When other factors are not equal it is not easy to talk about gender equality. The difference between car insurance premiums charged to men and women prove this point conclusively. Probably the point to look at is fairness, as most people would accept what is fair. The arguments over which gender is better at driving are never going to end. You can look at it from so many different angles and come up with totally different conclusion. However, insurers have made their minds long before and they usually offer cheaper auto insurance for female drivers in comparison to male.

On average female drivers get 13% lower auto insurance rates in comparison to males because they are less likely to speed up and drive drunk. Ladies don’t have to look for specialist providers to get cheaper rates. Most insurers incorporate gender in their price calculations and therefore offer better rates automatically. You just need to get a few quotes as usual and choose the best one.

Underwriters look at the amount of claims they receive and the sum of money they pay for them. These figures are quantifiable and applicable to premium calculations. Companies can use gender as a factor when they are setting rates in the United States of America yet. So, it is fair to say that your gender does affect how much you will be charged for insuring a car.

Why Gender Matters in Auto Insurance Quotes?

Various studies have been showing that male drivers pay more for vehicle insurance compared to ladies. For example, California figures show that for the same coverage a male driver pays about 13% higher premiums than a female one, even though the driving and other backgrounds are identical. Why would there be such a difference?

There has been many studies into the accident figures and in most cases female drivers prove to be less dangerous on the roads. This is the case in terms of number of accidents caused and the amount of damages paid at the end. For example, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 2008 Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey shows that 54% of drivers involved in accidents are male.

There are even more significant surveys than that as to how dangerous male motorists are compared to females. Fatal crashes surveys are one of these evidences against men behind the steering wheel as they cause nearly 90% of deadly accidents. This is clear evidence that vehicle collisions caused by women are not usually deadly. It is safe to assume that deadly collisions are big accidents with serious damages that are paid by insurance companies.

They may cause nearly as many crashes as men but the overall physical damages and injuries are not scary in comparison. From these findings it can be assumed that ladies do not speed up as much, they are less likely to drive when they are drunk and they are more careful overall. Similar findings are constantly in use by auto insurers. They look at them over and over to find a way to make their business profitable. As a result they do and need to charge higher car insurance premiums to men than women.

It is true that men drive a lot longer distances. Furthermore, most commercial drivers are male, especially the long distance ones. That is why they are more likely to get into accidents. Nonetheless, this does not explain why most of the deathly crashes caused by them.

There is no need to be upset about ladies getting cheaper car insurance. Actually, you can be smart about it and save money. It may be more economical to insure the family car on the wife’s name to get the best automobile insurance prices. She can be the policyholder and male partner the named driver.

In addition, ladies appear to find lower vehicle insurance quotes. And they do not need to go to a company that is advertising to be specialist for female drivers. They normally get good rates from most companies. A traditional car insurer will be able to provide good rates for them because lady drivers are usually lower risk. Carriers base their rates on risk factors. If the risks are low the premiums will be low as well.

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