Is It Assuring to Talk to an Agent when Buying Vehicle Insurance?

Recent statistics show that large numbers of motorists check auto insurance quotes online but only 25% of sales are completed there. On the other hand, 50% of people still transact through agents. This raises a question as to how comfortable people are on the Internet and through an intermediary. These figures may change in time in favor of the electronic transactions, as things go.

Naturally, talking to someone may be reassuring, especially when this person is considered knowledgeable. People may not be sure about some of the questions on proposal forms, they may want to add some other details or get confused halfway through. It is important to choose a medium you are comfortable with.

Having an agent can work as an extra buffer at times too. You can call them and ask to clarify few points. Also, they may be able to direct you in cases of claims. For example, you can run it through with them and ask if it is worth making it or paying out of pocket. They would be able to bring a few things to your attention like deductibles and how much the renewal premium would go up.

Yet there are many people who have no problem clicking the buy now button and getting on with life. Sometimes, it may seem more assuring to talk to a person and double check. However, a human being is more likely to make a mistake than automatic car insurance proposal form as long as you don’t make one. Besides, you have the option of checking what you are buying by first getting a quote. Then, you can check the policy coverage again when you get it. Also, you can correct details online on most official websites now.

Still, there is nothing wrong with calling the vehicle insurance company and checking that you got everything right. What is important is your peace of mind. There is no need to be shying away from asking questions no matter how silly they sound. There is no shame in asking but there is shame in not knowing, even worse not caring.

Sometimes calling the firm may offer extra discounts, reassurance or a piece of advice. The best thing to do may be to get a few quotes online. Then, call the cheapest three companies on the list and talk through details of coverage on offer. Don’t hesitate to ask if there are further discounts available right now. Often they can sweeten the deal further, especially if you are a low risk driver.

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