Is It Assuring to Talk to an Agent when Buying Vehicle Insurance?

Question: Do you feel that you were not allowed to put every details clearly or not given enough choice on an auto insurance quote form? Do you feel there is something missing or is it just the human touch you are craving for? Do you ever feel the need to call the company and get everything confirmed by an agent before you buy the policy? Or are you perfectly happy with clicking the buy now button and getting on with your life?

Answer: Although I would have no problem clicking the buy now button and getting on with my life I can understand what you are saying. Sometimes, it is more assuring to talk to a person and double check. In all honesty, a human being is more likely to make a mistake than an automatic car insurance quote form as long as you don’t make one yourself. Besides, you have the option of checking what you are buying by first getting a quote. Then, you can check your policy coverage again when you get it. Also, you can correct your policy details online with most companies now.

However, there is nothing wrong with calling the vehicle insurance company and checking that you got everything right. What is important is your peace of mind. I do feel stupid sometimes that I appear to be asking the silliest question. But I ask them anyway until I understand it properly. There is no shame in asking but there is shame in not knowing, even worse not caring.

Sometimes calling the firm may offer extra discounts, reassurance or a piece of advice. Last time I renewed my policy first I checked online for prices through a comparison website. Then, I called the cheapest three companies on the list and talk through details of coverage on offer. Comparison sites cannot tell you everything and there are some questions in your head.

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