Does Getting a Car Insurance Quote Affect your Credit Score?

You need to compare alternative quotes if you want to make sure you get value for your money. Otherwise, you may end up with an expensive carrier that charges you several times more than another one. Saying that you would want to know if there is any side effect to shopping around aggressively? Would insurers look to see your financial standing through certain agencies like lenders do and would this sort of searches have a negative impact? The simple answer to this question is that few may want to see it but it doesn’t create any problem.

Credit checks by insurers are considered a soft pull that doesn’t affect score no matter how many times they do.

This question is probably raised for the fact that applying for a facility like a card, loan or mortgage usually appears on credit history and negatively affect the score. Each time lenders look you may lose like 5 points. Even though it is not a huge number it can be a problem when it is overdone. In addition, other finance companies can see all those applications and this may raise an alarm as to why you are so eager to borrow more at this time.

However, you don’t have the same problem when you get vehicle insurance quotes for three reasons.

  1. Getting an insurance quote isn’t the same as applying for a loan. You are not borrowing money or getting into a long-term debt commitment at the end of it. So, it is not something that affects the view of future lenders.
  2. Mainly because of the different implications as described above, agencies don’t consider a pull by an insurer to be of material importance to overall reliability.
  3. It is important to note that companies don’t need to confirm this info each time they give a quote. Many of them are happy to give it without checking history and just rely on answers in the proposal form. They many only want to see it when you are placed on risk.

Hopefully, this puts your mind at rest and you feel free to shop for a better deal. It is the most effective way of reducing premiums after all that most experts highly recommend consumers to compare prices if they want to save money.

How does Credit Score Affect Auto Insurance?

Carriers are allowed to consider it in most states. More and more they are moving towards heavily relying on these reports in calculations. So, we should have a look at the effects they have on a vehicle policy premium while we are on the subject. There are again three main reasons for its importance.

  1. Various studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between credit score and insurance claims. Namely, policyholders who are in financial difficulties are more likely to make it.
  2. This relationship is stronger when the claims are smaller. You may ask why would they be bothered then? They wouldn’t be bothered with one in isolation. However, they accumulate to be large sums when you add thousands of them up. The even bigger problem is the fact that the costs can double up when you add the cost of handling them on top. That is why they are keen to charge more to drivers who are likely to claim for every little thing.
  3. It is not just about claims. They don’t want to be messed around with premium payments or cancellations due to non-payment. Not only they want to receive payments regularly, they also want a policyholder for the long term. In general, people with good financial standing cause very little problems.

Many people feel that lower income drivers are unfairly treated as a result. However, that is the way it is and it is unlikely to chance since carriers have successfully refuted the attempts of states trying to block usage of such information.

Driver with good credit scores can get as much as 25% lower premiums from large number of companies, in comparison to someone with bad history.

In conclusion, you may want to look for one that will offer the largest discounts for a high number. On the contrary, you may want to find companies that don’t consider it when you have bad result, even though you may only find few of them.