10 Reasons not to Drive Impaired by Alcohol/Drugs and Resources

This is a situation you don’t want to find yourself in. Not only is drinking alcohol and driving is illegal, but also most states have penalties similar to it for illegal or prescription drugs. If you are under the influence of a controlled substance and get behind the wheel, you are putting yourself and everyone around you at risk. In case you needed a reason not to do it; here are 10;

Problems with Driving Under the Influence

Stop It or:

  1. You May Kill Someone

In 2014 almost 10,000 people were killed due to impaired driving, representing 1/3 of all fatal auto accidents in the US. 18% of fatal accidents included the use of drugs other than alcohol usually in combination with it.

  1. You will Lose Your License

For a first offense for a DUI under 0.15% Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) in most states you will lose license privileges for a mandatory 2 days to 6 months. In others without a mandatory minimum, generally you will lose extensive privileges having access only to a restricted or limited license.

  1. Insurance Costs will Explode

For the next three years you will be considered a ‘high risk’ and most insurance companies will ensure their risk is covered by charging significantly more for a policy with them. Typically these rates will increase by $1000-$1500 per year for the first three years, but will not drop to previous rates even after the three years.

  1. You Will Pay Immediately

It costs motorists in a number of ways and not just increased insurance premiums. Do you know how does DUI affect insurance? You will pay fines, license reinstatement fees, costs of alternate transportation, substance abuse programs, attorney fees, bail and towing and impound fees among others. The average immediate costs are between $5,000-$20,000 depending on age and location.

  1. Suffer a Job Loss

A DWI can often land you in jail with varying time periods depending on the state you reside in. On second and subsequent offenses these jail time periods often equate to significant amounts of time. If you are in an industry that demands strict ethics, both of these factors may end up ruining a career. 

  1. Suffer Poor Driving Skills

Even if you do not get charged with a DUI or cause an accident the ability to operate a vehicle will be severely hampered. Judgement, concentration, comprehension, coordination, vision and hearing acuity and reaction time all suffer from booze.

  1. Children May be in Danger

Transporting minors while drunk driving can have disastrous consequences. You are also instilling poor values in these children as they watch you.

  1. Experience an Altered Lifestyle

If you get into a big collision causing severe injury or death to others, your life will never be the same. Not only will you have to live with the mental anguish of the accident but you may be barred from driving, suffer catastrophic financial ruin and become a pariah within the community.

  1. You Will Get Caught

1.4 million motorists are arrested for DWI every year. Chemical refusal penalties in most states mean that even if you refuse to take a sobriety test, you will receive the same or more often harsher penalties for failing to take the tests.

  1. You May Die

Plain and simple.

Help Yourself with these DUI Resources

Motorists and anyone else concerned can find out more about the laws governing driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs and illegal substances. They can also learn about where they can get help. Having a problem isn’t as bad as knowing you have a serious problem but doing nothing about it.

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