Eating while Driving Affects Performance

People have tons of choices from drive through food outlets. There is nothing wrong with that if you park in a nice spot or take home and enjoy the meal. However, we suddenly think that it is a smart idea to eat while driving. This, we think, saves time and we are so busy to take a break for 10 minutes.

These quick decisions can cost you a lot of headache especially when they become habits. Sooner or later eating in cars will cause accidents or traffic tickets. Both will increase car insurance rates. Then think about how much that $10 dollar takeout cost you? Those costs will add up with traffic fines, increased premiums for at least three years and maybe a stain on the shirt as well as on the licence.

People may think that they are good at multi-tasking. Then can handle burgers, soda, chips and still watch the road as normal. This theory is proven wrong. According to surveys carried out among drivers, eating in cars can be more distractive than talking on the phone, which is not likely to squirt ketchup on clothes or car seats or spill all over gearboxes.

According to studies brain cannot handle all these activities. Your mind gets occupied with eating and worries that you can spill food. This makes it hard to concentrate on the job in hand. It becomes easier to miss traffic lights or not notice you have just come to a school zone. Most of us can imagine the consequences.

Most people cannot even juggle two apples in hand while they are at home and not distracted at all. How do we expect that we can juggle burgers, cokes, steering wheel and gearbox in the same time all the while keeping an eye on the road? We are bound to drop one of them. How about having the whole family in the car and worrying that children will spill their food all over again? Once you start where will it stop? So, it is best never try it.

Something does not have to be illegal for drivers to understand that they should not do it. Anything that will distract you is a bad news for safety and potential hazard for increased premiums. It would not be wrong to see consuming food while behind the wheel in the same category as texting. Both activities take your mind and attention off the road and the former is actually a lot messier.