Environmentally Friendly Cars & Helpful Resources

Environmentally friendly automobiles offer users a few advantages over traditional gas powered only ones. If you are conscious about the environment and want to do your part to cut down on carbon emissions, you should consider buying an ecologically sound car. You may also save money since running these vehicles is usually cheaper than petrol ones.

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Full Electric Vehicles

When considering a fossil fuel alternative, the electric vehicle is the best to reduce carbon emissions. Unfortunately, automakers are still in their infancy in these field and most consumers want a vehicle with at least a 100-mile range. The best EV of 2015 still only lists 3 autos that fit into this range. Most of them still have ranges between 60-80 miles limiting options for those that commute more in a day.

Of course these are also the most costly of the bunch of less-polluting autos. These costs are somewhat reduced in the US with federal and state full electric car tax rebates. A full electric vehicle in the US will cost between $25,000 for the Chevy Spark EV to $75,000 for the Tesla Model S before these tax rebates. The Spark EV is priced below $20,000 and is also below the average new car price making it a great value.

The Tesla Model S is the king with a range of 265 miles, while the new 2016 Nissan Leaf offers 107 with an expanded battery. The Tesla Model X will offer 220-257 and the Kia Soul EV comes close at 93. However, do not confuse these numbers with what most makers market as MPGe, which is a miles per gallon equivalent number that helps you equate electric mileage to traditional gas powered cars. The MPGe on most EVs is over 100, well past even the best mpg cars.

Plug-in Hybrids

If you are looking for an alternative to the full electric car simply based on price and availability, a Plug-in Hybrid would be the next best thing. Hybrids have been on the market for decades and offer a wide range of options from discount sedans to high-end luxury SUVs.

Most Hybrid plug-ins run on a combination of electric and combustion engines that help boost their overall efficiency to approximately 40 mpg. Hybrids come in compact, sedan, SUV, and luxury vehicles and in varying prices. From the best in class Prius C with 50 mpg (combined) at approximately $20,000 to the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid with only 21 and priced at a whopping $69,000 you need to research your vehicle class for the best value and performance.

There is a number of ranking sites like Edmunds’ Hybrid + EV Buying Guide that can give you a quick comparison guide.

If you are looking for the best performance and efficiency and willing to pay more than a standard gas combustion engine, these offer the best option.

Alternative Fuels

In the realm of ‘green’ autos there are a few options besides electric to gas-based cars. These include Biodiesel, Ethanol, Hydrogen, Propane and Natural Gas vehicles.

The US Department of Energy provides a great resource for these.

Luckily more and more charge stations are becoming available in most neighborhoods that gives you one less thing to worry about.

An eco-friendly automobile is almost always more expensive than a petrol car, making them a choice for those that are either after cost efficiency or environmentally conscious.

Other Resources

Hybrid, Electric & Alternative Fuel Car Insurance

If you own or looking to buy any of these automobiles you don’t need to look any further for insurance. You can check the prices from top auto insurers right here using our comparison tool. Some of them may have special offers for green motorists but this doesn’t guarantee the lowest rates since such companies may be expensive to start with and a little discount may not be enough to make them competitive. So, make sure to get at least 3 quotes before tempting to make decision.

There is no concession that eco-friendly autos will be cheaper to insure. It is totally depend on the model specifications, its accident and safety records. Therefore, it is essential that you check auto insurance costs before purchasing it.

You can do that right here on the above quote platform that allows our visitors to get quotations from well known carriers. Then, comparing and finding a good deal become pretty easy. Don’t forget to look after your wallet as well.