What Exercises Can Help Increase Senior Driving Safety?

Exercise is necessary for everyone regardless of age. Sparing thirty minutes every day to stretch the body can make people feel more energetic and younger. Rigid body parts that limit driving abilities like checking around properly will improve safety and enjoyment. One of the problems in the older ages is that people cannot react fast enough and their head do not turn far enough.

Also, the problems with handling various functions of automobiles can be improved. Older people struggle with braking, steering and they may not feel comfortable with seats. Even getting in and out of the car can be a real pain. These are all signs of ageing but more importantly not energized bodies. People can feel tired and uncomfortable when they are younger as well if they do not have an active life.

A study carried out by Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT) highlights the link between regular exercise and driving performance. The link is clearer with certain skills. Here are some of them.

–          Biceps, curls and squats improve body strength and control over braking.

–          Back stretches and heel drops increase the ability to move and make it easier to fasten seat belts, which is very important for the safety.

–          Shoulder stretches and expansions can improve body flexibility and make it much easier to get in and out of the vehicle. This can further be improved with small modifications on the car.

–          Soccer kicks and lateral steps can improve body coordination. In turn this helps in carrying out multiple tasks like braking while turning.

The study has chosen a sample group between 60 and 74. They went through a ten weeks of physical fitness program consisting of above listed activities. Then, they were tested with series of driving simulations and in real time with specially designed vehicle in the lab for study purposes.

Participants were found to be able to get in and out of the vehicle more easily and rapidly due to increased agility. They also could turn their heads and bodies more easily. They could see blind spots because they were able to rotate bodies further than before to scan the surroundings when making turns.

A further survey carried out over fifty-year-old people showed that more than half of them did not consider exercise would improve agility while operating an automobile. Another survey confirms that they see driving as independence to go out and about and like to carry on for a long time. Exercise empowers bodies and this keeps them safe on the road.

They should also consider adopting automobile technology to improve comfort and avoid aches and pains. Some of these technologies that can be utilized pretty effectively are as below;

–      Reverse-monitoring systems

–      Emergency response systems

–      Parking assist systems

–      Blind-spot warning systems

–      Lane departure warning systems

–      Vehicle stability control

–      Voice-activated systems

–      Smart headlights

–      Crash-mitigation systems

–      Drowsiness alerts

As an additional note, over fifty-year-old drivers can take advantage of special discounts offered to them by certain companies. It is no secret that incomes fall after retiring and getting cheap auto insurance would be welcomed. So, you should always shop around and see if there are further discounts you can qualify.

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